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'Wire' actress arrested on minor drug charge editorial comment
22-August-2008, United States, The Associated Press

BALTIMORE (AP) An actress who appeared on the HBO series "The Wire" has been arrested on minor drug charges. Court records show Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, who played a killer of the same name on the televesion series, was charged after police ...

What Will The Candidates Do To End The Unwinnable ... editorial comment
11-August-2008, United States, Huffington Post

On January 20th 2009, either the president of the United States will be a man who used cocaine, or the First Lady will be a former drug addict who stole from charity to get her next fix. In this presidential campaign, there are dozens of issues that ...

Ecstasy helps us deal with drunks, say cops editorial comment
09-August-2008, Australia, news.com.au

IF it was not for the prevalence of ecstasy in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, understaffed police say they would struggle to cope with the drunken violence. Last Saturday night only 15 officers were rostered on to deal with up to 60,000 people in ...

Southeast Asia: Drug User Group Demonstrates for ... editorial comment
09-August-2008, Indonesia, StoptheDrugWar.org

Indonesia's harsh drug laws have not succeeded in stopping illicit drug use in the Southeast Asian archipelago, and now some of the people those laws are aimed at are speaking out. On Monday, denizens of some of Jakarta's most notorious drug dealing ...

SWAT Team Horror in the War on Drugs editorial comment
08-August-2008, United States, MWC News

This past week, Americans have had the opportunity to witness another glorious day in the life of the 35-year-old war on drugs. A few minutes after the mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, Cheye Calvo, returned home from walking his two Labrador ...

America's never-ending prohibition editorial comment
06-August-2008, United States, Reuters

By Bernd Debusmann WASHINGTON (Reuters) - America's alcohol prohibition lasted 13 years, filled the country's prisons, inspired contempt for the law among millions, bred corruption and produced Al Capone. What it did not do was keep Americans ...

Study: U.S. Paper Money Covered With Cocaine editorial comment
06-August-2008, United States, Fox news

Paper money contains high traces of cocaine, regardless of whether or not the paper money came into direct contact with the drug. U.S. bills take the top spot, covered in the greatest amount of the illegal powder, while euro notes issued in Spain ...

Former enemies join forces in Vietnam drug war editorial comment
03-August-2008, Viet Nam, AFP

Wearing black helmets and police T-shirts, their handguns levelled, a drug raid team inches along the outside of a compound, throws open the door, spots a man with a gun and opens fire. With the pop-pop-pop of a Glock 9mm an armed suspect is shot ...

The Big Question: Is the 'war on drugs' really ... editorial comment
31-July-2008, United Kingdom, The Independent

By Michael Savage Why are we asking this now? Because if confirmation were needed that crackdowns on drug use in the UK were having little effect, it came in a report by the UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC), an independent group set up to ...

Karzai 'impeding Afghan drug war' editorial comment
25-July-2008, Afghanistan, BBC

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is obstructing efforts to tackle his country's drugs problem, a former US counter-narcotics official has said. Thomas Schweich said Mr Karzai had protected drug lords for political reasons and tolerated "a certain ...

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