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Ecstasy helps us deal with drunks, say cops editorial comment
09-August-2008, Australia, news.com.au

IF it was not for the prevalence of ecstasy in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, understaffed police say they would struggle to cope with the drunken violence. Last Saturday night only 15 officers were rostered on to deal with up to 60,000 people in ...

Ecstasy club owner and DJ jailed editorial comment
21-July-2008, United Kingdom, BBC

A Plymouth nightclub owner who allowed the "rampant and blatant" sale of ecstasy at his club has been jailed. Iranian-born Manoucehr Bahmanzadeh, 52, earned up to 2m a year from the Dance Academy, one of the largest clubs in Plymouth, Devon, a ...

A second summer of love editorial comment
20-April-2008, United Kingdom, The Guardian

Twenty years ago acid house and a new drug arrived in Britain's clubs to incite the biggest revolution in youth culture since the Sixties' summer of love. The key members of the scenes in London and Manchester talk DayGlo grins and dancing in ...

Truth raffled in Leslie case editorial comment
21-November-2005, Indonesia, The Sunday Herald Sun

UNDERWEAR model, Muslim convert, ecstasy user, naive victim or all of the above? An apt description for Michelle Leslie is as difficult to pin down as the truth in her case and after her deportation we are no closer to it. The circus of ...

Ellis guilty of ecstasy possession editorial comment
26-August-2005, New Zealand, TVNZ

Television personality Marc Ellis has pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing the drug ecstasy. The former rugby and league player has been convicted and fined $300 as well as court costs, for having five tablets of the Class B drug. Outside ...

Aussie model in Bali drug bust editorial comment
22-August-2005, Indonesia, The Daily Telegraph

ONE of Sydney's top models was last night facing up to 10 years in a Bali jail after police allegedly found ecstasy in her bag. Michelle Leslie, 24, who has worked for Myer and was the face of Antz Pantz, was among a group of five people picked ...

Ecstasy use hits all-time high editorial comment
29-July-2005, Australia, National Nine News

Ecstasy is more popular than ever with young Australians, with one-in-five people in their early 20s admitting to using the drug, a new report has found. The report also found Australians used more speed, ecstasy and marijuana than their ...

Dying to be just one of the crowd editorial comment
18-July-2005, Australia, Herald Sun

RAVE party-goers are using amphetamines to try to kick-start GHB overdose victims out of unconsciousness. Stunned police have discovered it is common practice in Melbourne's dance scene. The dangerous tactic was used on 21-year-old Belinda ...

Rap star Missy Elliot says I've done drugs:- editorial comment
18-June-2005, United States, webindia

New York, June 18 : Rap star Missy Elliot has admitted to having done drugs during a recent trip to Jamaica. "What's up with everyone? Sorry if I sound kind of weird but I just had a Jamaican brownie - some of you might know what I'm 'bout," ...

Butt banned after testing positive for ecstasy editorial comment
10-June-2005, United Kingdom, Scotsman.com

THE Scotland cricketer Asim Butt will learn if he has any international future next week, after he admitted taking ecstasy before a key game. The 37-year-old seam bowler was banned for a year by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) after ...

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