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Truth raffled in Leslie case
date: 21-November-2005
country: INDONESIA
editorial comment editorial comment
Not as much as justice for drug users worldwide. They are all forced to lie due to the repressive policies implemented by government around the world. Who would not lie to avoid spending 15 years in a wonderfull Indonesian jail for being guilty of the great crime of having 2 pills of ecstasy? Maybe she was lying. But she does not destroy other people's lives like our dear leaders do. Still, she is lucky not to be a fat white guy.......

UNDERWEAR model, Muslim convert, ecstasy user, naive victim or all of the above?

An apt description for Michelle Leslie is as difficult to pin down as the truth in her case and after her deportation we are no closer to it.
The circus of nonsensically varying "real" stories from the Leslie camp has done nothing for the credibility of Indonesia's judicial system either.

The court refused to accept Michelle Leslie's story that a friend had given her two ecstasy pills as a replacement for the medicine she took on doctor's advice for attention deficit disorder.

It branded her a drug user, which allowed judges to free her on the basis she was guilty of a lesser charge than "drug possession" with its 15-year maximum sentence.

So she's home free. Go figure -- especially if you think there's doubt in the Corby case.

Yet most people would probably say good luck to Leslie for keeping calm and staying respectful to help her escape a legal system with punishments most Australians regard as wildly inconsistent.

Suggestions that Leslie was with the son of an Indonesian minister the night she was arrested outside a Bali dance party have raised extra possibilities. Unlike Corby, she had money and connections.

Perhaps that's how she got away with her disrespect to the Islamic faith by her supposed "conversion", then leaving jail in a skimpy, belly-baring singlet.

Perhaps that's why no action was taken over her PR agent's suggestion, while Leslie was still in custody in Bali, that the "real story" will come out only when she arrives home.

Perhaps Leslie is naive, but as a convicted criminal she should not be permitted to profit by selling her story to a magazine or TV.

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