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Cool enough for us

Hey, we are not putting Coulter on this site!!! Rush could be a possibility though, given his new found tolerance of drug users (well, fat conservative ones anyway...). Let's Go Arianna


How much fun can you have in life while earning a honest living? Well, these guys are doing it, to the great displeasure of the DEA. The drug warriors have spend your tax dollars to entrap Chong for selling "drug paraphernalia" ....Keep doing it man! (no, we are not talking about you, agent Smith).

Crooks and Liars

Absolutely nothing to do with drugs. However, it has a lot to do with the honesty of politicians. For those who likes their footage raw :)

Guerilla News Network

A bit too leftist for paraphernalia's liking, but hey, we are open minded, and always happy to see a new Eminen's video so....

Medeski, Martin & Wood

Great jazz artists asking you to fight the war on drugs. Listen for yourselves!

The Official Bill Maher Website

Well, he is funny, mostly libertarian, and appears of sound mind and body (not bad for someone who did inhale!)


Great page on our stuff, and lots of pages on other stuff we like


Uncover the undercovers.....


Fool enough for us
Barthia vs Public Prosecur

For those praising the rule of law but not understanding that there might well be a difference between the rule of law and justice, enjoy (if you can!) the reading.....

Left Behind

and what this crowd is preaching is less dangerous than drugs? Jesus!


Drug Policy Reformers

Common causes make for strange bedfellows. paraphernalia does not think that drugs are "alternative" and is certainly not leftist. However, they get their drugs right so we like them for that anyway!

American Civil Liberties Union

Not always a fan, but they do help people fighting deranged laws enforced by highly paid government agents. This is a combination difficult to match, so thank god for the ACLU, and for the fact that some lawyers feel guilty enough to help!

Americans for Safe Access

OK, it's medical pot again. Need to start somewhere, and it's good to have real suffering people fighting for their rights rather than being forced to endure the old stereotypes about pot smokers forced upon us by government propaganda.

Anti drug war organizations

Long list of potential friends, although format is pretty lame, while it's hard to say if the links are in existence or not. Just in case....

Canadian Senate on Cannabis Reform

We know why Michael Moore likes it up north. Just see what old men and women with grey hair wearing robes have to say on paraphernalia’s favorite topic (OK, it’s only pot, but still)

Cato Institute

Often wrongly labeled as a right-wing think-thank because they have money to throw lavish events involving republican politicians, Cato is a consistently libertarian organization that is highly critical of the war on drugs.


Chicago is as good as anywhere to start....

Drug Action Network

Hey, a nice site that provide real information, and that has some thinking going. paraphernalia says DARE beware.......

Drug Policy Alliance

We like them! Great articles, sound reasoning, interesting facts and articles, many links and referrals to places to go and things to do to fight the drug war. Plus they make ugly t-shirt, so we don’t have to compete….

Drug Reform Coordination Network

One of paraphernalia’s favorites. Very thoughtful review of news items from around the world. DRC also has a number of causes that it supports more directly.


Good site focusing on the politics side of prohibition. Horror stories abound, needless to say. We can again see how much the 'government" likes citizens....

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

That's about cruel sentencing policies. paraphernalia think thay should be a group called Families For Mandatory Minimums IQs and Compassion for politicians.......Hum, where would John Ashcroft stands on this?

Freedom Network

Links to all things libertarians. Hey, it's not paraphernalia's fault that only these people are consistent in calling for legalization....

Health Officers Council of British Columbia

A report by health officers of a Canadian province recommending the legalization of ALL drugs. Canada never fails to impress paraphernalia...

High Times

Well, they've been around for awhile. This is commendable, as that smoke is supposed to make you lazy, unambitious, and unreliable. Plus, they should have all progressed to harder stuff and be dead or in jail by now, an unavoidable fate as per the "gateway" theory....

Hip Hop Summit Action Network

Engaged artists mobilizing urban youth. Hopefully "The Tipping Point"

Human Rights and the Drug War

with a quote like: "So why does former drug user GW Bush continue to give his family members special treatment for their drug use while allowing so many others to remain behind bars for doing the same things that he did during the 1970s and 1980s?" paraphernalia has to like them

International Antiprohibitionist League

In praise of globalization. Not everybody thinks the UN is doing "a great job"....


Nice bunch, we say. Lots of intelligent materials on public issues relating to paraphernalia's favorite topic. Drug warriors more than welcome. Brains are better than guns.....

Judges Against the Drug War

Nice to see that years of implementing laws have not dulled all jurists’ ability to distinguish between law and justice

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Front line soldiers of the drug war who have realized that they are fighting the wrong war. bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Libertarian Party

Yes, there are political parties that are promoting drug legalization. While the libertarian philosophy may not please everybody, it is entirely consistent and focuses on the individual. Our type of people!

Media Awareness Project

news, news and more news. Searchable by country and topics ranging from John Ashcroft (man, he is featured often) to senile John Walters (another drug tzar, who, hopefully, will suffer the fate of the last Russian one)

Music For America

What's there not to like?

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

paraphernalia does not like pot, but it seems everyone else does. Well, we support them anyway. Hopefully, potheads will think of other people too one day!


For the poppies lover in you....

POT-TV Internetwork

All that smoke!!! paraphernalia is again impressed by a site dedicated to the herb that makes people lazy, disengaged, and happy to do nothing but giggling around in the basement.....


One day, somewhere, somehow, "conservatives" and "liberals" will understand freedom as a unified concept. paraphernalia thanks Reason for its efforts in that direction


well, we know Dubya likes to "stay the course", probably inspired by the captain of the Titanic....These nice people thinks that maybe, just maybe, there might be a big iceberg coming....


Not sure if they are for legalization, but they will help you when you are in trouble. The brits are always so nice (except when in government, of course, but that's a global disease...)

Renee Boje

Yet another example of the logic of drug warriors. Employing goons in uniforms to destroy the lives of talented people. The tide will turn one day. maybe Walters will end up behind the bars he seems to like so damn much!

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Where the "children" D.A.R.E to speak up!


Ah, the Japanese. So wild yet so shy! Weird hentai porn is the norm, and talking hemp is taboo. The again, what's wild anyway?

The Encod Webspot

For hard core harm reduction. Got to love that slogan!

The Independent Institute

Well, it's praised by Ronald Reagan and the Wall Street Journal....See Drug War Crimes, a book by one of their researchers. Food for thought!

The Liberty Papers

United we stand!

The Narco News Bulletin

to stay abreast of the good work done by missionaries in Latin America...

The Sentencing Project

For those who are interested in the consequences of the "success" of the War on Drugs.

Transform UK

Very good site aiming at real reform in the UK, and how to get involved in bringing about changes. Check them out! Hey, everything legal by 2020 sounds good to us!


Guerilla or fashion; music or lawsuit. Whatever works, as long as the madness ends!


Drug Warriors
Central Narcotics Bureau of Singapore

Where the Nazis disguise as Boy Scouts. Rationality and compassion are strictly forbidden (then again, so are "Sex and the City" and chewing gum!).

Corrections Corporation of America

Any war needs its Halliburton. paraphernalia wonders if these folks are as nice as the Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay crew.

Drug enforcement Administration (DEA)

10,000 staffs, and US$ 2 billion budget. Paraphernalia guesses that the DEA must like the drug war a lot. Hey, if our sales can be only 1% of that budget....

Drug Watch International

well, the Nazis also had scientists working for them......Read this site and see how the "final solution" to the "drugs question" can also be sanitized by trying to recycle moralistic cliches as scientific facts.

Tackling Drugs- UK Drugs Policys

The Magna Carta, this is not....

United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime

Sometimes, as painful as it is to admit, even George Bush can be right. The UN often times sucks..... In all fairness, we are also happy to link you with the drug warriors above, as they make the argument for decriminalization, if not legalization, painfully obvious (sometimes, one even wonders whether they do so intentionally!). Through visiting these sites, you will understand the important and difficult work undertaken by highly dedicated civil servants in order to protect you, your health your family, your friends, the environment, the economy, endangered species, national security, indeed our own way of life. Please go and see for yourselves the horrors done by drugs on the lives of people. Learn about the viciousness of the drug lords, and the multiple ways they are trying to force these substances on innocent people. Also see how many of these innocent people, through such shocking means as casual using, turn into dangerous and violent criminals that must be defeated by any means necessary. Make no mistake on this: you are with us or against us; and we shall prevail. Of course, they are sorry about this collateral damage thing. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. Sacrifices are necessary. Lives will be lost. Property will be confiscated. Mistakes will be made. A few bad apples will emerge. But remember that this is for the Greater Good of the nation. Well, we have heard that story before….then again, the perils of cocaine now seem real given who’s currently in the White House

United State Department of Justice

Following in the footsteps of Ashcroft, we now have to be victimized by someone who finds the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners "quaint"....well, Gonzo, paraphernalia finds the "story-of-the-poor-immigrant-who-came-to-the-USA-with-nothing-only-to-make-it-to-the-top" quite boring by now, so please do a refresher on the bill of rights. We need it (the bill of rights, that is...)


The Scientists
Bruce Alexander

Good article on the myth of drug induced addiction, by the psychologist who conducted the "Rat Park" experiment (you should check that out too). A tad too leftist for paraphernalia, but since Churchill could ally with Stalin for awhile......


Center for Drug Research, University of Amsterdam. Scietific research? Humbug! We have DARE already, don't we?

Jeffrey A. Schaler

After years of scientific study, Schaler concludes: Addiction is a choice. Need we say more? His books often include participation from strong opponents to legalization. Read yourself as to which crowd makes more sense.

Stanton Peele

One of a few people studying addiction from a scientific approach rather than repeating the conventional moralistic mantras of the prohibitionnists. Please read and learn.

Thomas S. Szasz

Not sure many people will agree with or even understand what he is talking about, but he does have a unique perspective (which is a better that John Ashcroft can ever brag about!). One more person that promotes personal accountability as a basic rule of life in society.


Drug WarRant

Pete Guither is upset, and wants you to know about it! Plenty of news, with emphasis on the real victims of drug prohibition, and the tunnel vision of the drug warriors. "Bring'em on" as one famous clown once said....


paraphernalia is not certain, but thinks we would get along....



Best message boards by far, focusing squarely on substances and users. You can refer directly to it through our message board link (we can’t do it better than them so…). The moderators are doing a very good job at keeping the content on topic.

Dance Safe

Very useful site on harm reduction, especially on ecstasy. Fairly active in the US, with a number of chapters thoughout the country. The boards are a bit boring, as they have been politicized a lot (no, we do not care about Iraq everyday, and we don’t all think that Chomsky is a genius).


The bible of all sites. Lots of value added information on a surprisingly large number of substances, as well as users’ feedback on their effect. No point starting anywhere else if you are looking for info.

Good Drugs Guide

paraphernalia agrees. It is good. Well presented and concise site covering most major controversial substances. The “Famous Users?section let you see which of your favorite stars like what you like (sorry Mr Bennett, no cigars and no gambling here).

Lectric Law Library

Free and fun legal stuff. For all those who wished they've been to law school, and never regretted it. Don't forget to check the drugs page!


paraphernalia does not really do spirituality, but since it leads to the same result, well, we'll link anyway

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

paraphernalia is quite jealous of Rick Doblin. He made his Ph.D. on drugs and has obtained FDA’s proposal to study ecstasy as a remedy for PTSD. All paraphernalia got from years of study is a lousy t-shirt, currently on sale on this site…..


Mandatory stop for people looking for complete information on medication, searchable by brand and generic names. Substances covered include everything from Tylenol to methamphetamine (yes, you can get a prescription for Meth, but only if you are a child above 7 and/or a very fat person!).

Safer Clubbing Guide

Hey, they even try to help you sometimes!

Schaffer Library of Drug Policy

The best section of this affiliate of the good DRC folks. Hours and hours of reading, learning and all other kind of stuff we never wanted to do as a kid but regret it now as an adult....


Drugs: Drugs, economics and policy

"There is no necessary link between drug consumption, addiction and social disintegration." And paraphernalia keeps dreaming of politicians who have integrity or that can think (or both, but that would be asking much really...)

Economist's Survey on Illegal Drugs

Ah! A bunch of lunatics right wing nuts that supported the war on Iraq, is for small government and want drugs to be legal!

Guardian Special Reports on Drugs

Ah! A bunch of whiny left wing fags that opposed the war on Iraq, is for big government and want drugs to be legal!

Just Say No

John Stossel at ABC News calls for legal drugs. Look at his video, and see how the drug warriors look.....

Neuroscience of Psychoactive Substance Use and Dependence

Now, can someone explain how a disease can be a crime?

Prohibition and Drugs by Milton Friedman

paraphernalia says thank you. Conservative governments everywhere like you. Too bad they don’t read what you have to say on this!


The next time your annoying friends from the right or from the left talk about drugs, send thme there for a factual checks (not that they want one, but maybe that will shut them down for a few hours). Talk about straight dope!!!


need to subscribe first, but it contains a large number of entertaining articles about the US's foolish war on drug users.

Supporting the Drug War Supports Terrorists

As the writer concludes: "When you support the drug war, you're supporting terrorists." Indeed, paraphernalia cannot just quite forget yet that the DEA gave money to the Taliban in August 2001. We know where that money went.....

The Catania Report

"propose measures totally different from those currently selected to achieve the overall EU Drugs Strategy objective, giving priority to protecting the lives and health of users of illicit substances, improving their wellbeing and protection by means of a balanced and integrated approach to the problem, since the relevant proposals are inadequate" some governments waking up????

The Economic Theory of Illegal Goods: The case of Drugs

Nobel laureate Gary Becker explains why drugs are made illegal through the political process rather than controlled through taxation; and why black dealers end up in jail while Noelle Bush undergoes therapy


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