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Aussie model in Bali drug bust
date: 22-August-2005
country: INDONESIA
editorial comment editorial comment
In the meantime, Bashir's sentence is reduced..... Good work gentlemen! While you are busy putting pretty women behind bars, someone somewhere is preparing the next bomb. We are sure you'll stop them in time........

ONE of Sydney's top models was last night facing up to 10 years in a Bali jail after police allegedly found ecstasy in her bag.

Michelle Leslie, 24, who has worked for Myer and was the face of Antz Pantz,
was among a group of five people picked up in the early hours of Saturday.

Police had raided a party at the GWK park, a large public auditorium on the cliffs near Kuta. It is understood Leslie was allegedly in possession of one or two ecstasy tablets.

Leslie is being held at the Polda police station, where the Bali Nine were held after their arrest.

Like Schapelle Corby, who is appealing against her 20-year sentence for drugs, Leslie faces a lengthy prison spell if convicted.

The maximum sentence for drug possession is 10 years in jail. Leslie, who models under the name Michelle Lee, lives with boyfriend Scott Sutton in Sylvania.

Her parents, Albert and Violet Leslie, of Glenelg North, Adelaide, were told about their daughter's plight last night by Michelle's friends. The Foreign Affairs Department had not contacted the family.

Leslie had been in Bali with friends on holiday after a stint working in Singapore. She was due to leave Bali today. Mr Leslie said that his daughter was extremely health conscious.

"She doesn't take drugs, she doesn't take cold tablets or Panadol. She won't even take anything when she's sick," he said.

Mr and Mrs Leslie have spoken to her boyfriend. Leslie had gone to a party with friends and, because she had a large handbag, other people stored their bags in hers. The drugs were found in a make-up bag, friends told The Daily Telegraph.Mrs Leslie said she had warned her daughter against travelling to Bali.

"I've been telling her 'don't go to Bali'. I was scared. Not that she was going to do anything stupid but she's a young, attractive girl and you don't know what people around her may do," Mrs Leslie said.

Michelle text messaged her mother saying "Don't stress" about Bali. She assured her mother she was always "very careful". Michelle has worked in several high-profile modelling jobs, including Myer's spring-summer fashion launch in Sydney earlier this month.

She was launched as the face of Antz Pantz underwear late last year.
The arrests were made at a party, called Vertigo Goes to Bali at the lotus pond area of the GWK park, better known as the location for the first anniversary commemoration of the Bali bombing.

Altogether during the raids, police netted 15 ecstasy tablets and arrested five people including four locals aged 26 to 35 years.

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