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No Ecstasy in blood of 'spiked drink' mum editorial comment
24-May-2005, United Kingdom, Times Online

The mother who is thought to have died after drinking some water spiked with Ecstasy by her son had no trace of the drug in her body, police said today. Detectives at Scotland Yard arrested the woman's 15-year-old son on suspicion of ...

Court affirms teen's Ecstasy overdose was not ...
20-May-2005, United States, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Four years after a Sewickley girl overdosed on the drug Ecstasy, the state Supreme Court has affirmed a trial judge's ruling that the man who is charged with selling the drug cannot be tried for homicide. The 4-3 majority opinion, written by ...

AFL players use drugs, says Anderson editorial comment
18-May-2005, Australia, National Nine News

AFL players used illicit drugs such as ecstasy "from time to time", the league's football operations manager Adrian Anderson has said. But Anderson refused to say whether former Carlton player Laurence Angwin was right or wrong when claiming ...

Dutch therapists 'prescribing ecstasy'
17-May-2005, Netherlands, Expatica

Dutch therapists are allegedly treating psychiatric patients with the illegal party drug ecstasy. Ecstasy is said to help patients break through mental barriers, allowing them to more easily talk about dramatic events in their lives. People ...

Controversial drug Ecstasy might be used in ... editorial comment
16-May-2005, Canada, Northern Life

The illicit psychedelic party drug Ecstasy, probably best know for its connection to gatherings called raves, may have some therapeutic value, says a scientist studying the chemical known scientifically as MDMA ...

14-May-2005, United Kingdom, Mirror.co.uk

A MAN who took ecstasy with his wife was jailed yesterday after she died from an accidental overdose. Richard Grimmer was branded "foolish" by a judge as he sentenced him to nine months in prison. Grimmer, 29, and 23-year-old Rebecca, who had ...

Study: Ecstasy, Prozac Fight Cancer editorial comment
12-May-2005, United Kingdom, Sci-Tech-Today

A University of Birmingham study suggests the popular rave drug ecstasy might be effective in treating cancer, the London Daily Mirror reported Wednesday. The five-year study found ecstasy and many other drugs used as anti-depressants -- including ...

Science pairs Ecstasy with terminally ill editorial comment
26-February-2005, United States, seattlepi.com

Harvard researchers are preparing for the first time in three decades to conduct human experiments using a psychedelic drug, a study that would seek to harness the mind-altering effects of the drug Ecstasy to help ease the crushing psychic burdens ...

Study Tests Treatment of Cancer Patients with ... editorial comment
23-February-2005, United States, NPR

A new study being conducted by Harvard researchers will examine how the psychedelic drug Ecstasy might help advanced-stage cancer patients suffering from anxiety. Melissa Block talks with principal investigator Dr. John Halpern of Harvard's McLean ...

Ecstasy trials for combat stress editorial comment
17-February-2005, United States, Guardian Unlimited

American soldiers traumatised by fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are to be offered the drug ecstasy to help free them of flashbacks and recurring nightmares. The US food and drug administration has given the go-ahead for the soldiers to be ...

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