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Britain's drug wars editorial comment
22-May-2008, United Kingdom, The Spectator

It looks like a war of attrition is currently being waged within Whitehall over British drug policy. As has been widely reported, the government has decided to face down its own advisory body, the Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs, over the ...

Cocaine brings misery, Ian Blair warns editorial comment
24-April-2006, United Kingdom, Reuters

London police commissioner Ian Blair called on the affluent middle classes to spurn hard drugs such as cocaine, saying they were contributing to the misery caused by criminal gangs. Blair said Britain had the highest rate of cocaine use in Europe ...

The Unmarketing Of Drugs editorial comment
03-April-2006, United States, Forbes

Reducing drug use in America has been the longest running, most unsuccessful marketing program in history. In my last column, I talked about "repositioning the competition." Let's apply that strategy to the so-called "drug war" in an attempt to ...

Tougher drug laws only scratch the surface of the ... editorial comment
13-March-2006, Australia, Fairfax Digital

A police-led war on drugs might be easy politics but it is lazy and ineffective policy, writes Andrew Macintosh. A campaign is being waged by the federal and NSW governments to strengthen drug laws, particularly those concerning cannabis, in what ...

Clergy join war on drugs editorial comment
12-March-2006, United States, boston.com

The faith community has joined Saugus's fight against teenage drug and alcohol abuse and related crimes. The Saugus Clergy Association will hold a drug awareness forum at 7 tomorrow night at Belmonte Saugus Middle School on Dow Street to ...

Activists warn of dangers from caffeine addiction editorial comment
27-February-2006, United States, Spero News

Is the War on Drugs taking aim at that morning cup of java? As crazy as it might sound, some activists would hope so - and they have enlisted the help of various mayors to support their cause. But first, to be more precise, critics aren't ...

07-February-2006, United Kingdom, The Mirror

LABOUR was yesterday accused of losing the drugs war after new figures showed around 1,300 people a year were dying from overdoses. Statistics reveal just under 13,000 people were killed by "drug-related poisoning involving illegal substances" in ...

Kate Moss to Spill Fashion, (Alleged) Cocaine ... editorial comment
24-January-2006, United Kingdom, The Book Standard

According to reports, supermodel Kate Moss is close to signing a 1 million book deal (about $1.8 million) with Virgin Book Groups for her autobiography. Virgin head Sir Richard Branson has convinced Moss, who entered rehab after photos of her ...

The Latest on Cory Maye editorial comment
18-December-2005, United States, Hammer of truth

For those of you who are new to the story, Cory Maye is a prisoner on death row in the U.S. state of Mississippi. He was convicted of murder in the death of Prentiss police officer Ron W. Jones, during a drug raid in 2001. Maye pleaded not guilty at ...

Meth addicts' other habit: Online theft editorial comment
16-December-2005, United States, USA Today

Hot on the trail of identity thieves, veteran Edmonton Police Service detectives Al Vonkeman and Bob Gauthier last winter hustled to a local motel, a cinder-block establishment where rooms rent by the hour. Twice before police had descended on ...

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