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School Considers Testing Students For Drugs editorial comment
19-October-2005, United States, KMBC-TV

School board members in Sedalia are considering testing its students for drug use. KMBC's Marcus Moore reported Tuesday that school leaders, parents and teachers admit that child drug use is a problem, but they don't all agree that drug testing ...

Illicit 'Study Drugs' Tempting More Students editorial comment
02-June-2005, United States, ABC News

Maggie is an "A" student at a top university highly motivated, and determined to do well. But when she recently allowed "Primetime Live" cameras to follow her during finals week, she asked not to have her real name or the school she was ...

Authorities arrest 16 students for drugs at ... editorial comment
22-November-2004, United States, kentucky.com

Sixteen students were arrested Monday morning in a drug round up at Morehead State University. Five additional arrests were anticipated, said Dan Smoot, law enforcement director for the eastern Kentucky anti-drug task force Operation UNITE. "A ...

Just Say No to Drug Dogs editorial comment
29-August-2004, United States, Alternet

Down boy! A California community faces the prospect of drug-sniffing dogs searching its schools. What kind of message are we sending to our kids? We can all agree that we don't want drugs in our schools. But how best to keep them out is another ...

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