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Karzai 'impeding Afghan drug war' editorial comment
25-July-2008, Afghanistan, BBC

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is obstructing efforts to tackle his country's drugs problem, a former US counter-narcotics official has said. Thomas Schweich said Mr Karzai had protected drug lords for political reasons and tolerated "a certain ...

Women pay a price in war on Afghan drug trade editorial comment
28-September-2005, Afghanistan, boston.com

In the thirsty hills of Nangarhar province, debt is a way of life. Every autumn, sharecroppers take loans from drug traffickers to plant their poppy crops. After every harvest, they repay them in poppies, which are eventually turned into heroin. ...

Colombia helps Afghanistan wage drug war editorial comment
26-August-2005, Afghanistan, The Washington Times

Colombia and Afghanistan are becoming counterdrug allies. Colombia has begun exporting counternarcotics know-how to Afghanistan in a bid to stem that country's record heroin production, which, in turn, bankrolls al Qaeda. Much of the ...

Afghan drug-fighting efforts failing- lawmakers editorial comment
12-July-2005, Afghanistan, Reuters

U.S. lawmakers told the Bush administration on Tuesday the program to fight Afghanistan's poppy trade appeared on the brink of failure, which they said would undermine work to stabilize the country and spread more drugs throughout the ...

Drugs more threat to Afghans than terrorism, says ... editorial comment
10-July-2005, Afghanistan, Daily Times

Illegal opium production is more of a risk to Afghanistan than terrorism, President Hamid Karzai said on Saturday, adding the world would turn its back on Afghans if they failed to curb the trade. He said opium poppy cultivation was a ...

G8 to step up drugs fight in Afghanistan editorial comment
17-June-2005, Afghanistan, Hindustan Times

The world's eight major industrialized countries have agreed to step up funding to fight the drugs trade in Afghanistan, British Home Secretary Charles Clarke said, acknowledging that present efforts were heavily inadequate. "Everyone agreed that ...

Karzai rejects US criticism on drugs, slams abuse editorial comment
22-May-2005, Afghanistan, Reuters AlerNet

By John Poirier WASHINGTON, May 22 (Reuters) - Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday rejected U.S. criticisms of his antidrug efforts, called international help in the fight "half-hearted," and demanded justice for prisoners abused by U.S. ...

U.S.: Afghanistan a near drugs' state: editorial comment
04-March-2005, Afghanistan, newkerala

By KRISHNADEV CALAMUR WASHINGTON, March 4 : Afghanistan is on the verge of becoming a major narcotics state and could fill the world's heroin demand, a U.S. State Department report on drugs released Friday said. "With an estimated 40 percent to ...

US seeks Colombian help on drugs editorial comment
23-February-2005, United States, Financial Times

US counter-narcotics authorities are examining controversial policies used in Colombia, the world's top cocaine producer, to formulate efforts to combat the flow of drugs from Afghanistan, the world's leading supplier of heroin. John Walters, ...

Britain Doubles Funding for Fighting Drugs in ... editorial comment
16-February-2005, United Kingdom, VOA News

Britain says it plans to double its spending on anti-drug efforts in Afghanistan. But British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw adds that without a balanced approach, extra funds will do little to solve the problem. During a day trip to the capital ...

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