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Narcolepsy Drug Eyed for Cocaine Users editorial comment
24-April-2006, United States, The Washington Post

The hottest topic in cocaine addiction is another drug _ a medicine already sold to wake up narcoleptics. Hundreds of cocaine users are testing whether that legal pill, called modafinil, could help them kick the addiction, and there's early ...

Cold Drug Curbs Considered in Meth Fight editorial comment
05-June-2005, United States, washingtonpost.com

The days of buying some cold remedies off the shelf in drug stores soon may be gone, a casualty of the methamphetamine epidemic. Already more than a dozen states have laws that require retailers to sell Sudafed, Nyquil and other medicines only ...

Illicit 'Study Drugs' Tempting More Students editorial comment
02-June-2005, United States, ABC News

Maggie is an "A" student at a top university — highly motivated, and determined to do well. But when she recently allowed "Primetime Live" cameras to follow her during finals week, she asked not to have her real name or the school she was ...

Recipe Regulation editorial comment
26-January-2005, United States, BoiseWeekly

Lawmakers’ war on drugs targets cold medicines by carissa wolf Casey Wright races through another January night that blends into another day unpunctuated by the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep. The mom, the artist, the self-employed ...

'Greenies' still drugs of choice editorial comment
17-January-2005, United States, Rocky Mountain News

The unveiling Thursday of baseball's new drugs-testing policy did more than renew debate about how to tackle steroids use - it also highlighted the sport's long, not-so-secret relationship with amphetamines. Amphetamines, commonly known as ...

Call these drugs IQ-profen editorial comment
15-January-2005, United States, Houston Chronicle

It would be hard to imagine improving on the intelligence of computer engineer Bjoern Stenger, a doctoral candidate at Cambridge University. Yet for several hours, a pill seemed to make him even brainier. Participating in a research project, ...

Pressed to do well on admissions tests, students ... editorial comment
08-November-2004, United States, sfgate.com

BETHESDA, Md. -- On the morning he was to take the SAT last March, a 17-year-old senior at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in suburban Washington went looking for a bottle of pills. His score on practice tests had been too low and, with his sights ...

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