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Lawmen vs. the drug warriors editorial comment
15-December-2005, United States, Arkansas Times

For months, full-page advertisements challenging government policy toward pain management doctors have been appearing in national magazines. “The government is waging an aggressive, intemperate, unjustified war on pain doctors,” the headline on ...

Hallucinating stars and stripes editorial comment
13-September-2005, United Kingdom, Hallucinating stars and stripes

The party was definitely over. It was 1989 when George Bush Sr held up a bag of crack-cocaine, seized "in a park just across the street" from the White House, and formally declared war on drugs. Thanks to a media obsessed with crack babies and ...

New drugs raising concern editorial comment
13-June-2005, United States, deseretnews.com

By Pat Reavy Deseret Morning News Abuse of the popular painkiller Oxycontin has caused problems for law enforcement and doctors for years. Now the rising popularity of two other drugs is causing added concern along the Wasatch Front. ...

Panelists decry 'war' on drugs editorial comment
27-April-2005, United States, The Brown Daily Herald

At Tuesday night's panel, "The International War on Drugs: Plan Colombia and Beyond," Peter Andreas, assistant professor of political science and international studies, admitted that he once inadvertently contributed to Bolivia's cocaine economy by ...

Players can get 'high' in 'Narc' video game editorial comment
22-April-2005, United States, CNN

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- In the first-person video game "Narc," published by Midway, you play an undercover police officer busting drug dealers. Except in this game, your cop character can take the drugs he confiscates -- and the illicit ...

The newest war on drugs editorial comment
12-February-2005, United States, USNews.com

When Anne's grandmother was hospitalized two years ago with chest pains, she couldn't remember what medications she was on. So doctors sent Anne to the woman's home in eastern Washington State to look in her cabinets. What they found shocked both ...

A Mania Called Horse editorial comment
06-December-2004, United States, Reason Online

In case you missed it, cheese is the new morphine. At least that’s what the head of the animal rights group (and oddly named) Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine reports. At a November Congressional hearing designed to stir up hysteria ...

War on drugs is new battleground for party ... editorial comment
26-November-2004, United Kingdom, Times Online

TONY BLAIR and Michael Howard promised firmer action on drugs as figures published yesterday showed that more 15-year-olds have tried cannabis in England than in any other European country. The EU survey revealed that Britain also has the highest ...

A Prohibition-Style Crime Wave
23-November-2004, United States, Alternet

The more the government spends on the drug war, the more violent crime increases. One researcher says eliminating drug prohibition could reduce the homicide rate by up to 75 percent. The U.S. government spends $33 billion annually on the "war ...

Question the scare stories editorial comment
16-November-2004, United Kingdom, Scotsman.com

I’VE JUST RECEIVED a promotional pack of plastic bottle plugs through the post. The brand name for this new product is Spikey™ and they are designed to stop drinks being drugged. Place one in the neck of a bottle, insert a straw, and its clever ...

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