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Narcolepsy Drug Eyed for Cocaine Users editorial comment
24-April-2006, United States, The Washington Post

The hottest topic in cocaine addiction is another drug _ a medicine already sold to wake up narcoleptics. Hundreds of cocaine users are testing whether that legal pill, called modafinil, could help them kick the addiction, and there's early ...

2005: The Farce of Freedom? editorial comment
13-January-2006, United States, The Cato Institute

A favorite standby of pundits and columnists is to predict what developments will transpire over the next 12 months. I've decided to take the reductio ad absurdum approach, and predict what might happen in 2006 should the most disturbing trends of ...

'Legalising drugs would halve prisoner numbers' editorial comment
15-December-2005, United Kingdom, icBerkshire

READING probation officer Bob Turney says it is time to stop pouring billions of pounds into a never-ending war against drugs and open a hysteria-free debate about legalisation. His job offers him an insight into the criminal underworld because ...

New strategies for the old war against drugs editorial comment
18-October-2005, Canada, The Globe and Mail

Whether we like it or not, we appear headed for what will certainly be a loud and rancorous debate over this country's drug policies. And framing the discussion will be the ever-growing view of health professionals that it's time to turn convention ...

Who're the real dopes in the war on drugs? editorial comment
05-October-2005, United States, Pahrump Valley Times

A few days ago the King County, Washington government made it illegal to throw computers and cell phones away. That created, or expanded, a new industry - disposal of computers and cell phones in Seattle and environs. New businesses formed, other ...

Hostage Mom Exposes Drug War Double Standard editorial comment
30-September-2005, United States, AlterNet

Last March, Atlanta hostage Ashley Smith got a rousing cheer from public officials, law enforcement, and much of the media for cajoling accused rampage shooter Brian Nichols to give himself up. Smith deserved the praise. It took courage, compassion, ...

Report: 15 million abuse prescription drugs editorial comment
11-July-2005, United States, MSNBC

Gayle Adame got a prescription drug for pain after surgery. It made her feel so good that she started manipulating doctors so she could get several powerful painkillers at once. "I would take four or five Percocets and a couple of Vicodin and ...

Black Eyed Peas Open Up About Their Battles With ... editorial comment
07-June-2005, United States, Yahoo Music

The Black Eyed Peas will release their highly anticipated new album, Monkey Business, Tuesday (June 7). The set is the follow-up to the group's 2003 double platinum effort, Elephunk. With the success of Elephunk, the group has had to overcome ...

Drugs force Reeve to quit TV editorial comment
22-May-2005, United Kingdom, Times Online

CHANNEL FOUR cricket commentator Dermot Reeve has quit his job because of his addiction to cocaine. The former England Test and one-day player and Warwickshire captain said that his drug-taking had wrecked his marriage and his commentating career. ...

Study: Kudzu helps curb binge drinking editorial comment
17-May-2005, United States, CNN.com

The hardy, invasive kudzu vine, introduced to this country decades ago to control soil erosion, could have what it takes to curb binge drinking, new research suggests. Kudzu, an ever-expanding plant considered a pest in much of the South, appears ...

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