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Southeast Asia: Drug User Group Demonstrates for ... editorial comment
09-August-2008, Indonesia, StoptheDrugWar.org

Indonesia's harsh drug laws have not succeeded in stopping illicit drug use in the Southeast Asian archipelago, and now some of the people those laws are aimed at are speaking out. On Monday, denizens of some of Jakarta's most notorious drug dealing ...

Drug War or Race War? editorial comment
13-March-2006, United States, New Haven Independent

It's been 10 years since Sheldon Tucker saw the inside of a prison. Tucker (at right in photo, with criminal defense attorney Norm Pattis, at left) and others at a local forum on the drug war spoke about why so many young people of color have ...

Tougher drug laws only scratch the surface of the ... editorial comment
13-March-2006, Australia, Fairfax Digital

A police-led war on drugs might be easy politics but it is lazy and ineffective policy, writes Andrew Macintosh. A campaign is being waged by the federal and NSW governments to strengthen drug laws, particularly those concerning cannabis, in what ...

Singapore Hangs Australian Drug Smuggler Nguyen editorial comment
02-December-2005, Singapore, Bloomberg.com

Singapore executed Australian drug smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van today after rejecting requests from Australian Prime Minister John Howard to spare his life. The 25-year-old was hanged at Changi Prison this morning, Singapore's Ministry of Home ...

Truth raffled in Leslie case editorial comment
21-November-2005, Indonesia, The Sunday Herald Sun

UNDERWEAR model, Muslim convert, ecstasy user, naive victim or all of the above? An apt description for Michelle Leslie is as difficult to pin down as the truth in her case and after her deportation we are no closer to it. The circus of ...

Former judge calls drug war a 'failure' editorial comment
17-November-2005, United States, Sierra Times

RALEIGH, N.C. -- North Carolina should consider decriminalizing illegal drugs as it tries to stem the need for additional prisons, a former state Supreme Court chief justice said Monday. Burley Mitchell, the state's top judge from 1995 to 1999, ...

Court slams door on Corby editorial comment
04-August-2005, Indonesia, Herald Sun

SCHAPELLE Corby was dealt a shattering blow when three Balinese judges shut down her reopened drugs trial yesterday and refused to grant lawyers more time to find new witnesses. Another judge also ruled out the possibility of Australian ...

So, you call this a victory in the drug war? editorial comment
21-July-2005, United States, Inside Bay Area

WHEN I visited Richard Paey, it quickly became clear that he posed no menace to society in his new home here in Zephyrhills, Fla., a high-security state prison near Tampa, where he was serving a 25-year sentence. The fences, topped with ribbon wire, ...

Drug "War" Casualties editorial comment
19-July-2005, United States, qando.net

nnocent civilians who become casualties in war are euphemistically called "collateral damage". What do you call them in the "War on Drugs"? John Tierney visits just such a casualty, a man who suffers from multiple sclerosis and chronic pain from ...

Corby guilty on drugs charges editorial comment
27-May-2005, Indonesia, CNN.com

Accused Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has been found guilty by an Indonesian court of importing marijuana into Bali. The panel of three judges sentenced her to 20 years in jail, and fined her 10 million rupiahs ($10,700). Judge ...

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