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Study: U.S. Paper Money Covered With Cocaine editorial comment
06-August-2008, United States, Fox news

Paper money contains high traces of cocaine, regardless of whether or not the paper money came into direct contact with the drug. U.S. bills take the top spot, covered in the greatest amount of the illegal powder, while euro notes issued in Spain ...

Drug Czar Says U.S. Creating Demand For Drugs editorial comment
07-June-2008, United States, Fox

On Thursday, the nation's drug czar, John Walters met with federal law enforcement leaders here in El Paso to discuss recent accomplishments and challenges. Walters said progress is done by reducing supply and demand together. Last year, a record ...

Narcolepsy Drug Eyed for Cocaine Users editorial comment
24-April-2006, United States, The Washington Post

The hottest topic in cocaine addiction is another drug _ a medicine already sold to wake up narcoleptics. Hundreds of cocaine users are testing whether that legal pill, called modafinil, could help them kick the addiction, and there's early ...

Latest figures on Colombian coca production ... editorial comment
22-April-2006, United States, Houston Chronicle

In recent years the United States has given more than $4 billion in aid to Colombia. Most of it was spent on Plan Colombia, intended to cut coca plant production in half over six years, thus reducing the illegal supply of cocaine. The latest ...

Drug War Funnies editorial comment
13-March-2006, United States, Hammer of Truth

Joseph Frederick, an Alaska high school student, was suspended for unfurling a banner which read “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” across the street from his school. According to Reuters, the principal took Frederick’s banner and suspended him for 10 days for ...

Bush budget faulted in drug-war setback editorial comment
07-March-2006, United States, The Washington Times

A Bush administration decision to divert money for Colombian drug interdiction and eradication programs to the war on terrorism has opened up the southern U.S. border to a new flood of heroin and cocaine, say senior congressional and Colombian ...

US War on Drugs: elusive victory, disputed ... editorial comment
07-March-2006, United States, Reuters

Despite three decades of upbeat reports on battles won in the war on drugs, cocaine, heroin and marijuana are as easily available as ever and experts say the United States has yet to develop a strategy that works. Just as in previous years, the ...

Air marshals face smuggling charges editorial comment
13-February-2006, United States, CNN

Two federal air marshals are facing drug charges after allegedly agreeing to smuggle cocaine from a man who turned out to be a government witness, the U.S. attorney's office in Houston, Texas, announced Monday. Shawn Ray Nguyen, 38, and Burlie ...

Your Sweetie's Rose, Thanks to the War on Drugs editorial comment
12-February-2006, United States, ABC News

As you give your sweetie roses this Valentine's Day, did you know you're also buying into a program with roots in America's war on drugs? Americans will buy almost 200 million roses for Valentine's Day, and almost all of them will come from South ...

Critics say U.S. war on drugs in Colombia failing editorial comment
02-February-2006, Colombia, Chicago Tribune

Six years after the U.S. initiated an anti-narcotics program in Colombia, American policymakers and experts are at odds over whether the effort has significantly reduced the supply of cocaine reaching U.S. shores. Since 2000, the U.S. has poured ...

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