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Village People policeman arrested on drug charges editorial comment
18-July-2005, United States, The Globe and Mail

Victor Edward Willis, the original policeman in the 1970s music group the Village People, was arrested by real police who allegedly found a gun and drugs in his convertible. Willis, who co-wrote disco hits such as Macho Man and In the Navy before ...

Reporters find cocaine in EU parliament editorial comment
16-July-2005, Belgium, Guardian Unlimited

Significant amounts of cocaine have been found in the European parliament, German undercover reporters claim. Armed with wet wipes, reporters from the television station Sat 1 polished toilet roll dispensers, door handles and other areas in the ...

Mexico steps up attacks on drugs, but problem may ... editorial comment
05-July-2005, Mexico, The Seattle Times

Mexico finally is fighting the war on drugs that the U.S. government has demanded for decades: a frontal assault on drug barons, their organizations and their merchandise, using the police and military in concert with U.S. intelligence. The ...

Drug war in Colombia: Is there any progress? editorial comment
21-June-2005, Colombia, Houston Chronicle

As proof that the U.S.-backed drug war in South America is paying off, the Bush administration says cocaine production has plummeted by nearly 30 percent over the past three years. But some American counternarcotics officials and drug-trade ...

UN drugs chief raises alarm on Bolivia crisis editorial comment
14-June-2005, Bolivia, Reuters AlerNet

By Mark John BRUSSELS, June 14 (Reuters) - Bolivia needs urgent international help to stop farmers turning to coca production as a political crisis distracts efforts to combat drugs, the head of the U.N. drugs office on Tuesday. The ...

Another baggage handler charged editorial comment
09-June-2005, Australia, The Courier-Mail

CLAIMS of drug-smuggling by Sydney airport workers have shifted to the domestic terminal, where a baggage handler has been arrested - offering hope to Schapelle Corby's appeal team. The arrest yesterday of Richard Camilleri, 40, marked the fourth ...

Profits from selling cocaine make it a lucrative ... editorial comment
31-May-2005, United States, Winona Daily News

By David Krotz / Winona Daily News The profits from cocaine are so great that drug dealers have been known to use two and four-engine airplanes on one-way flights into the United States, abandoning the planes once delivery is made. The ...

Working classes turned on to hard drugs by cheap ... editorial comment
27-May-2005, United Kingdom, Times Online

A HUGE increase in cocaine use was cited yesterday for the number of people on hard drugs in England and Wales rising to a record one million. More than half a million people are now using Class A drugs every month and the number of young people ...

Drugs force Reeve to quit TV editorial comment
22-May-2005, United Kingdom, Times Online

CHANNEL FOUR cricket commentator Dermot Reeve has quit his job because of his addiction to cocaine. The former England Test and one-day player and Warwickshire captain said that his drug-taking had wrecked his marriage and his commentating career. ...

Coke-addicted cop should keep job, appeal panel ... editorial comment
16-May-2005, Canada, CBC News

A Toronto Police officer who says his cocaine addiction resulted from undercover work should be allowed to keep his job, a review board said Monday. The decision by the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services (OCCOPS) reverses an earlier ...

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