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Drug War or Race War? editorial comment
13-March-2006, United States, New Haven Independent

It's been 10 years since Sheldon Tucker saw the inside of a prison. Tucker (at right in photo, with criminal defense attorney Norm Pattis, at left) and others at a local forum on the drug war spoke about why so many young people of color have ...

Student group drums up opposition to drug war editorial comment
05-March-2006, United States, Student group drums up opposition to drug war

Gary Davey smokes marijuana and credits the drug with relieving pain from injuries he received in a head-on collision that shattered most of his bones from the waist down and confined him to a wheelchair in 1989. Corley Koprowski, a University of ...

Hostage Mom Exposes Drug War Double Standard editorial comment
30-September-2005, United States, AlterNet

Last March, Atlanta hostage Ashley Smith got a rousing cheer from public officials, law enforcement, and much of the media for cajoling accused rampage shooter Brian Nichols to give himself up. Smith deserved the praise. It took courage, compassion, ...

War on Drugs Impedes New Beginning for Some ... editorial comment
27-September-2005, United States, Drug Policy Alliance

In the days and weeks following Hurricane Katrina (and the more recent Hurricane Rita), the media has reported on the abuse of human rights of mostly poor and black people. But what has been discussed far less is the government’s response to another ...

Woman jailed over prescription drugs slams UAE editorial comment
12-May-2005, United Arab Emirates, Reuters

A British woman who spent two months in a Dubai jail after traces of prescription drugs were found in her body returned home on Thursday describing her treatment in the United Arab Emirates as "disgusting". Tracy Wilkinson, 44, was arrested by ...

Ex-policeman gets five years in prison in fake ... editorial comment
04-April-2005, United States, KLTV 7

A jury today ordered five years in prison for an ex-Dallas policeman in the so-called fake drugs scandal. Jurors on March 31st convicted Mark De La Paz of lying to a judge in a search warrant application. De La Paz had faced punishment ranging ...

Free of Drugs and Alcohol, and Acting Like a ... editorial comment
06-December-2004, United States, The New York Times

Dennis Barton was a promising young man, a member of the Boys Clubs of America, a hobbyist who built model ships and airplanes, a fan of James Brown, and a regular at church on Sundays. But things started going south, as he puts it, when he ...

The Usual Suspects editorial comment
03-November-2004, United States, Alternet

It began, as many drug stings do, with a lucky break. In November 2002, a traffic cop pulled over a driver ferrying crack cocaine on U.S. Highway 79 into the small east Texas town of Palestine. Police believed they had caught a glimpse into a drug ...

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