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What Will The Candidates Do To End The Unwinnable ... editorial comment
11-August-2008, United States, Huffington Post

On January 20th 2009, either the president of the United States will be a man who used cocaine, or the First Lady will be a former drug addict who stole from charity to get her next fix. In this presidential campaign, there are dozens of issues that ...

Former enemies join forces in Vietnam drug war editorial comment
03-August-2008, Viet Nam, AFP

Wearing black helmets and police T-shirts, their handguns levelled, a drug raid team inches along the outside of a compound, throws open the door, spots a man with a gun and opens fire. With the pop-pop-pop of a Glock 9mm an armed suspect is shot ...

Mexico's Fox balks at signing drug law editorial comment
04-May-2006, Mexico, CNN

Mexican President Vicente Fox backed off a bill that would have decriminalized possession of small amounts of drugs, sending it back to Congress for changes rather than signing it into law. The announcement late Wednesday came after U.S. ...

Changing the Drug War Debate editorial comment
26-January-2006, Bolivia, AlterNet

When Evo Morales took the office of president of Bolivia on Sunday, it was notable not only as the end of a "Bolivian-style apartheid" but also for making Morales the world's No. 1 spokesman for the coca plant. Morales, himself a former coca ...

'Legalising drugs would halve prisoner numbers' editorial comment
15-December-2005, United Kingdom, icBerkshire

READING probation officer Bob Turney says it is time to stop pouring billions of pounds into a never-ending war against drugs and open a hysteria-free debate about legalisation. His job offers him an insight into the criminal underworld because ...

Labour MP banned for defiance on Commons drugs ... editorial comment
09-December-2005, United Kingdom, Scotsman.com

DENNIS Skinner, the veteran Labour MP, remained unrepentant last night after he was ejected from the Commons chamber for levelling a drugs slur at George Osborne, the shadow chancellor. Mr Skinner, who represents Bolsover, was disciplined after ...

Tories let Cameron off the hook over drugs ... editorial comment
13-October-2005, United Kingdom, Telegraph

David Cameron emerged unscathed from the first round of leadership hustings with Conservative MPs last night after Right-wingers backed away from putting him on the spot over whether he took drugs as a student. His supporters had feared an ...

Quebec's Boisclair Admits Cocaine Use, Gains in ... editorial comment
04-October-2005, Canada, Bloomberg.com

Quebec politician Andre Boisclair's admission that he used cocaine is doing wonders for his popularity. Polls show Boisclair has extended his lead in the race to head the separatist Parti Quebecois after he told reporters he used the drug in the ...

Cold pill laws offer little relief to plague of ... editorial comment
16-June-2005, United States, The Bay City Times

People with the sniffles and the druggists who stock sinus medications may be the ones who pay for Michigan's fight against the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine. The cold pill ingredients ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are used to make meth. ...

Drugs failure overshadows Blair's crime manifesto editorial comment
11-March-2005, United Kingdom, Telegraph

The launch of Labour's crime manifesto was overshadowed yesterday by a report showing that a key government anti-drugs initiative is failing. The Commons public accounts committee said that only 28 per cent of offenders who received a drug ...

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