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Is legalising drugs the only answer? editorial comment
30-April-2006, United Kingdom, The Sunday Times

Some top police officers are now backing the idea that hard drugs should be decriminalised. Is this a brave but foolhardy idea, asks Tim Luckhurst When the Ayrshire drugs baron John Gorman was jailed for 12 years last week and nine of his ...

Brunstrom wants drug gangs action editorial comment
14-March-2006, United Kingdom, BBC News

The chief constable of North Wales Police has said the UK's policy of criminalising drugs has "caused an explosion in organised crime". Richard Brunstrom told BBC Wales' Week In Week Out that making certain drugs illegal has meant control and ...

Drug War or Race War? editorial comment
13-March-2006, United States, New Haven Independent

It's been 10 years since Sheldon Tucker saw the inside of a prison. Tucker (at right in photo, with criminal defense attorney Norm Pattis, at left) and others at a local forum on the drug war spoke about why so many young people of color have ...

US War on Drugs: elusive victory, disputed ... editorial comment
07-March-2006, United States, Reuters

Despite three decades of upbeat reports on battles won in the war on drugs, cocaine, heroin and marijuana are as easily available as ever and experts say the United States has yet to develop a strategy that works. Just as in previous years, the ...

If anyone is winning the drugs war, it is not the ... editorial comment
06-March-2006, United Kingdom, scotsman

FIGURES just released which show a sharp decrease in the number of Edinburgh youngsters being treated for drug addiction could be taken as a sign that the battle against drugs is being won. Sadly most evidence points to the contrary. If anyone ...

Marc Emery and the Seedy War on Pot (and drugs in ... editorial comment
06-March-2006, United States, The Liberty Paper

At first glance, if youíve read my bio, you might wonder what the heck a gal like me could have to say about the war on drugs. If you really donít know me, you might read to the first line of the fifth paragraph of my bio and immediately discount ...

Musings About the Drug War editorial comment
26-February-2006, United States, The Wall Street Journal

BY GEORGE MELLOAN Sunday, February 26, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST Economist Milton Friedman predicted in Newsweek nearly 34 years ago that Richard Nixon's ambitious "global war against drugs" would be a failure. Much evidence today suggests that he ...

War on drugs hits new low editorial comment
25-November-2005, United States, The Austin Chronicle

The federal war on medi-pot patients hit a new low last month when Royal Canadian Mounted Police nabbed 38-year-old Steven W. Tuck from his Vancouver, B.C., hospital bed, whisked him to the border, and relinquished him to the custody of U.S. ...

Truth raffled in Leslie case editorial comment
21-November-2005, Indonesia, The Sunday Herald Sun

UNDERWEAR model, Muslim convert, ecstasy user, naive victim or all of the above? An apt description for Michelle Leslie is as difficult to pin down as the truth in her case and after her deportation we are no closer to it. The circus of ...

Former judge calls drug war a 'failure' editorial comment
17-November-2005, United States, Sierra Times

RALEIGH, N.C. -- North Carolina should consider decriminalizing illegal drugs as it tries to stem the need for additional prisons, a former state Supreme Court chief justice said Monday. Burley Mitchell, the state's top judge from 1995 to 1999, ...

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