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The Latest on Cory Maye editorial comment
18-December-2005, United States, Hammer of truth

For those of you who are new to the story, Cory Maye is a prisoner on death row in the U.S. state of Mississippi. He was convicted of murder in the death of Prentiss police officer Ron W. Jones, during a drug raid in 2001. Maye pleaded not guilty at ...

Singapore Hangs Australian Drug Smuggler Nguyen editorial comment
02-December-2005, Singapore, Bloomberg.com

Singapore executed Australian drug smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van today after rejecting requests from Australian Prime Minister John Howard to spare his life. The 25-year-old was hanged at Changi Prison this morning, Singapore's Ministry of Home ...

Singapore: Australians should accept drug ... editorial comment
25-November-2005, Singapore, NewsFromRussia.com

Australians should not expect to escape the death penalty if they are foolish enough to traffic drugs into Singapore, a newspaper warned in an editorial Friday, a week before the scheduled hanging of an Australian heroin smuggler in the city-state. ...

Canadian faces death penalty in Taiwan for drug ... editorial comment
29-August-2005, Taiwan, CBC News

A former resident of British Columbia is in jail and facing the death penalty in Taiwan after being charged with smuggling and trafficking cocaine. 28-year-old Mathieu Forand was allegedly found with cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana at a party in ...

2 sentenced to death for peddling ecstasy editorial comment
21-April-2005, Philippines, The Philippines Star

Two women were meted the death penalty yesterday by the Mandaluyong City regional trial court (RTC) for selling ecstasy to agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) three years ago. Judge Amelia Dy of the Mandaluyong RTC Branch 213 ...

Torture treaty doesn't bar `cruel, inhuman' ... editorial comment
26-January-2005, United States, Knight Ridder

By Frank Davies / Knight Ridder WASHINGTON - Alberto Gonzales has asserted to the Senate committee weighing his nomination to be attorney general that there's a legal rationale for harsh treatment of foreign prisoners by U.S. forces. In more ...

Two Brits on drug charges editorial comment
09-October-2004, Singapore, Scotsman.com

TWO Britons have been arrested in Singapore as police allegedly smashed a major drug ring. British-born magazine editor Nigel Bruce Simmonds, 35, was among 23 people held in raids against suspected traffickers and their clients which police said ...

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