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School Considers Testing Students For Drugs editorial comment
19-October-2005, United States, KMBC-TV

School board members in Sedalia are considering testing its students for drug use. KMBC's Marcus Moore reported Tuesday that school leaders, parents and teachers admit that child drug use is a problem, but they don't all agree that drug testing ...

Suit spurs debate on hair test for drugs editorial comment
31-August-2005, United States, The Miami Herald

The seven police officers swore they didn't use cocaine, yet their hair tested positive for the drug. They are now suing the Boston police department, claiming the mandatory drug test that got them fired is unreliable and racially biased. Their ...

Defence policy on drugs 'a joke' editorial comment
09-July-2005, New Zealand, stuff.co

The Defence Force's drug policy has been condemned as "a joke" and "toothless" by staff who say drug users get repeated warnings before dismissal because of problems recruiting new personnel. Its elimination and zero-tolerance drug policy has ...

20% of NZ soldiers tried drugs: survey editorial comment
20-May-2005, New Zealand, Sidney Morning Herald

More than 20 per cent of soldiers, sailors and airmen in the New Zealand defence forces have admitted they have experimented with drugs, mostly marijuana. In an anonymous survey across all three services 20.5 per cent of those surveyed said they ...

Drugs policy up in smoke editorial comment
15-May-2005, United Kingdom, Times Online

While Mark Lewis-Francis has lost a silver medal after traces of cannabis were found in his urine, blatant cheating over samples is left unpunished. SOMETIMES you’ve got to laugh at the lengths to which sportsmen go to plead their innocence. ...

Wait Goes on for Cleared Painkiller Case Briton editorial comment
09-May-2005, United Arab Emirates, Scotsman.com

A British woman cleared by a Dubai court of deliberately carrying banned drugs in her system was left facing a further agonising delay today in her 10-week battle to fly home. Sports osteopath Tracy Wilkinson was hoping prosecutors in the United ...

Tony Blair Tackles Drugs in Schools editorial comment
30-April-2005, United Kingdom, ArriveNet

Head teachers are allowed to randomly test pupils if suspected of taking drugs as part of a drive to curb drug abuse among teenagers. The Prime Minister"s comments given to the News of the World has had backing from the Conservative Party and ...

Woman in Arab jail after taking prescription ... editorial comment
25-April-2005, United Arab Emirates, Telegraph

A campaign has been launched to free a British woman being held in a Middle East jail after prescription drugs were found in her system. Tracy Wilkinson, 44, has been in jail in the United Arab Emirates since March 5 when she was arrested at ...

One-third fail plant's drug test editorial comment
20-April-2005, United States, SouthBendTribune

By ALICIA GALLEGOS Tribune Staff Writer GOSHEN -- It did not surprise Maryellen Baker Scelsi when she heard that almost a third of employees at a local RV company recently either quit or were fired from their jobs after testing positive for ...

Milanzi gets drugs ban
06-February-2005, United Kingdom, BBC News

Zambia striker Harry Milanzi has been handed a suspended six-month ban by the South Africa Football Association (Safa) for failing a drug test. Milanzi was also fined US$2,500 after traces of marijuana were recently found in his blood. But ...

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