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The Wire's War on the Drug War editorial comment
05-March-2008, United States, Time

We write a television show. Measured against more thoughtful and meaningful occupations, this is not the best seat from which to argue public policy or social justice. Still, those viewers who followed The Wire — our HBO drama that tried to portray ...

Drug war dropout calls effort a ‘failure’ editorial comment
03-April-2006, United States, Lawrence Journal World

For more than 14 years, Jack Cole fought the war on drugs as a New Jersey state narcotics agent. Now, he’s had enough. “It’s not only a dismal failure, but a terribly destructive policy,” he said. Cole said he quit the narcotics force in ...

Air marshals face smuggling charges editorial comment
13-February-2006, United States, CNN

Two federal air marshals are facing drug charges after allegedly agreeing to smuggle cocaine from a man who turned out to be a government witness, the U.S. attorney's office in Houston, Texas, announced Monday. Shawn Ray Nguyen, 38, and Burlie ...

Border drug war backfiring editorial comment
23-January-2006, United States, DailyBulletin.com

A report outlining hundreds of incursions into the United States by Mexican armed forces over the past 10 years supports what many officials have known for a long time: The corruption once thought endemic only to Mexico's police forces has spread to ...

The Latest on Cory Maye editorial comment
18-December-2005, United States, Hammer of truth

For those of you who are new to the story, Cory Maye is a prisoner on death row in the U.S. state of Mississippi. He was convicted of murder in the death of Prentiss police officer Ron W. Jones, during a drug raid in 2001. Maye pleaded not guilty at ...

Kate Moss Cocaine Update editorial comment
28-October-2005, United Kingdom, The Bosh

The man believed to have filmed Kate Moss snorting cocaine has been traced by the Evening Standard UK. It is alleged, the 25-year-old, who lives in a council flat in Whitechapel, had a spy camera concealed in his jacket at the recording session ...

U.S. Soldiers Involved in Drug Smuggling Ring editorial comment
26-October-2005, United States, ABC News

Several cases of corruption in the military ranks have revealed a dangerous vulnerability in the nation's security, ABC News has learned. Dozens of active and former soldiers have abused their military uniforms and authority in a drug smuggling ...

The war on Colombia's cocaine industry editorial comment
18-October-2005, Colombia, BBC News

Plan Colombia - the $3bn (£1.7bn) US effort to hit cocaine at its source - has become embroiled in the country's 40-year armed conflict. The BBC's Paul Kenyon travels with the Junglas, an elite anti-narcotics unit, as they comb the Colombian ...

Vets Against the (Drug) War editorial comment
28-September-2005, United States, Forth Worth Weekly

Howard Woolridge is outside of Utica, N.Y., heading east on horseback on a beautiful late summer day. He’s wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “Cops Say Legalize Drugs. Ask Me Why.” For the last 3,000 miles, he’s been switching off between his two ...

U.S. Soldier Fighting 'War On Drugs' Smuggles ... editorial comment
16-September-2005, United States, WXII12

An Army soldier has pleaded guilty to being a part of a plan to smuggle cocaine on military planes. Army Staff Sgt. Kelvin Irizarry-Melendez has pleaded guilty in Texas to conspiracy, wrongful importation of cocaine, and a money charge. He'd been ...

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