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UK trio held over Singapore drugs editorial comment
09-December-2005, Singapore, Scotsman.com

Singapore authorities said 13 foreigners had been arrested, including three British citizens, who they suspect of being part of a drug syndicate. The others arrested were seven Thai nationals and an American, The arrests come just days after ...

Singapore Hangs Australian Drug Smuggler Nguyen editorial comment
02-December-2005, Singapore, Bloomberg.com

Singapore executed Australian drug smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van today after rejecting requests from Australian Prime Minister John Howard to spare his life. The 25-year-old was hanged at Changi Prison this morning, Singapore's Ministry of Home ...

Singapore: Australians should accept drug ... editorial comment
25-November-2005, Singapore, NewsFromRussia.com

Australians should not expect to escape the death penalty if they are foolish enough to traffic drugs into Singapore, a newspaper warned in an editorial Friday, a week before the scheduled hanging of an Australian heroin smuggler in the city-state. ...

Use of synthetic drugs should not be viewed as ... editorial comment
18-September-2005, Singapore, Channelnewsasia

Synthetic drugs should not be viewed as "soft" lifestyle drugs, and therefore, their use seen as permissible and acceptable, or worse still, "cool" and "hip". Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng warned that if a new generation of Singaporeans ...

Singapore finally finds a voice in death row ... editorial comment
08-May-2005, Singapore, The Observer

John Aglionby in Singapore Sunday May 8, 2005 The Observer The Canton meeting room at Singapore's drab Furama Hotel is an unlikely venue for history to be made. But on Friday night this bland setting hosted an unprecedented event for the ...

Four months off Bhatia's jail term editorial comment
06-April-2005, Singapore, TODAYonline

Former Internet entrepreneur Dinesh Bhatia started his eight-month jail term yesterday after a High Court judge slashed four months off his original jail term. . Bhatia, the son of former Nominated MP Kanwaljit Soin and former High Court Judge ...

French Chef Jailed in Singapore Drugs Case editorial comment
10-January-2005, Singapore, Scotsman.com

Award-winning French chef Francois Fabien Mermilliod was sentenced to the minimum term of one year in prison today in connection with a high-profile drug case in Singapore. Mermilliod, 29, was one six foreigners charged in the case, including the ...

Ex-banker jailed for drugs editorial comment
26-December-2004, Singapore, News24.com

A former British banker was jailed for 12 months in Singapore after admitting he consumed cocaine, according to weekend media reports. Andrew William Veale, 40, was among 14 people charged after police busted an elite cocaine and party-drug ring ...

Nike takes risk with ads editorial comment
25-November-2004, Singapore, ESPN

A series of Nike ads in Singapore designed to resemble graffiti have stirred emotions in the Asian nation known for its obsession with cleanliness and civic order. The small, page-size posters featuring anime-style images of NBA star LeBron James ...

Singapore's Founder Attacks 'Rough, Dumbed-Down ... editorial comment
22-November-2004, Singapore, Scotsman.com

Singapore’s founding father says today British society has become “rougher” over the past half century, and the country’s politicians and media now denigrate excellence. “Their media and politicians are anti-elitist, denigrating excellence, ...

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