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Drug Czar Says U.S. Creating Demand For Drugs
date: 07-June-2008
source : FOX
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Yeah, we don't want the US to become a violent place...

On Thursday, the nation's drug czar, John Walters met with federal law enforcement leaders here in El Paso to discuss recent accomplishments and challenges.

Walters said progress is done by reducing supply and demand together. Last year, a record 360 metric tons of cocaine was removed from the transit zone before it could reach the U.S. shores.

Walters said there's a decline on drug use and more people are getting treated.

Joseph Sanchez remembers one of the lowest moments of his life when he was on drugs. He was one of millions of American who fell victim to illegal drugs.

"In 2003, I overdosed on meth and alcohol and prescribed medication," said Sanchez.

In a press conference at the El Paso Intelligence Center, Walters said the war on drugs is still centered on American drug addicts.

"The concentration of power of the Mexican organization is fed by the money that U.S drug users contribute," said Walters.

Walters praised Mexico's president for his efforts to dismantle the drug cartels and recognized the challenge it has created not only for Mexico but for the U.S.

"If we don't stop them of course, it's going to spill over. They've already sent, In the past, assassination squad to the U.S to go kill people they have a grudge against," said Walters.

Sanchez agrees drug addiction is like a plague, but said the war should be fought with knowledge.

"If the knowledge isn't put out there and we continue to turn that blind eye, not help out our sister city we will have that infestation here in El Paso, even more so," said Sanchez.

The Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection was also at the meeting and told the media there are efforts being made to make sure the violence doesn't spill over into the U.S.

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