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Raaz in trouble over drugs charge, India seeks ... editorial comment
17-February-2005, India, The Indian Express

India has sought consular access to Bollywood actor Vijay Raaz, who was allegedly caught with narcotics at the Abu Dhabi airport in the United Arab Emirates on Monday. Indian Ambassador to UAE, Sudhir Vyas, is also learnt to have sought a report ...

Dr. Ecstasy editorial comment
30-January-2005, United States, The New York Times

By DRAKE BENNETT Alexander Shulgin, Sasha to his friends, lives with his wife, Ann, 30 minutes inland from the San Francisco Bay on a hillside dotted with valley oak, Monterey pine and hallucinogenic cactus. At 79, he stoops a little, but he is ...

Tell Congress to Keep Electronica Concerts Legal
09-January-2005, United States, synthopia.com

Congress is considering a sequel to the RAVE Act that is even more draconian than the first. If enacted, the Ecstasy Awareness Act would throw people in jail who organize raves or similar electronic dance events if some of their customers used ...

FDA Approves Harvard MAPS Study on Ecstasy
04-January-2005, United States, Drug Policy Alliance

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a Harvard Medical School study of the impact of MDMA (ecstasy) on anxiety suffered by cancer patients. The study, to be conducted by Dr. John Halpern, will be sponsored by the Multidisciplinary ...

Seeking merit in street drugs editorial comment
04-January-2005, United States, Newsday.com

For some, the diagnosis comes out of the blue. For others, it arrives after a long battle. Either way, the news that death is just a few months away poses a daunting challenge for both doctor and patient. Drugs can ease pain and reduce anxiety, ...

Williams says drugs made him fat editorial comment
23-December-2004, United Kingdom, The New Zealand Herald

Robbie Williams says he would still be taking drugs if they did not make him fat. The singer said his years of cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol addiction had given him some of the best times in his life. Williams, 30, is currently clean after a ...

20-December-2004, United Kingdom, The Whiteheaven News

THE danger drug ecstasy is now cheaper to buy in Whitehaven than many alcoholic drinks, a shocked court has heard. The street value of the Class A drug has plummeted to an EIGHTH of its value from a year ago. The revelation was made during the ...

19 U.S. sailors at Yokosuka jailed or discharged ... editorial comment
14-November-2004, Japan, Japan Today

Nineteen sailors from the U.S. aegis cruiser Vincennes have either been imprisoned or dishonorably discharged from the service for drug offenses since June, U.S. Navy and other sources said Saturday. Investigators from the U.S. Navy started a ...

Party drugs moving from clubs to the home editorial comment
13-November-2004, Australia, Sydney Morning Herald

Ecstasy, amphetamines and other party drugs are increasingly being taken at home or at private parties, and researchers are warning the change in venue may place users at even greater risk of harm. The annual Party Drugs Initiative surveyed more ...

Minister caught with ecstasy in police club raid editorial comment
04-November-2004, Australia, news.com.au

A 60-YEAR-old religious minister was caught with drugs at an inner-city nightclub after being shunned by his church because his wife left him. Kevin Arthur Caulton pleaded guilty at Downing Centre Local Court to one count of possessing a ...

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