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Pub yobs turning to hard drugs editorial comment
13-October-2004, United Kingdom, News & Star

POLICE fear the success of a crackdown on drunken yobs is leading to a new drugs threat among West Cumbrian clubbers. Officers now say that the number of people being caught in possession of hard drugs like cocaine and the dance drug Ecstasy is ...

On the Analyst's Couch With Ecstasy editorial comment
06-October-2004, United States, Salt Lake City Weekly

Sitting on a couch is Melissa, a woman in her mid-20s who has just taken 125 mg of methyllenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), or ecstasy, in a glass of juice. Sitting in a rocking chair to the left of Melissa is licensed psychotherapist Dr. Jane, who ...

Illegal drug trade value doubles in decade editorial comment
04-October-2004, New Zealand, Massey News

Massey’s SHORE researchers have uncovered important new information on the social and economic impact of Amphetamine Type Stimulants in New Zealand. The research commissioned by Police, indicates the illicit trade in ATS drugs may have ...

Ecstasy Research Looks for Benefits
25-July-2004, United States, Baltimore Sun

Somewhere in Charleston, S.C., in a safe bolted to the floor and protected by an alarm system, Michael Mithoefer keeps his supply of Ecstasy. He is not a dealer or a user; he is simply following federal Drug Enforcement Administration rules. The ...

£1.50 for an Ecstasy Pill
10-July-2004, United Kingdom, News & Star

WEST Cumbrian clubbers are being offered cut-price Ecstasy tablets for just £1.50 each. Magistrates at West Allerdale magistrates court heard this week how dealers are peddling cut-price tablets in bags of 10 for just £15. Gary ...

Manslaughter Charge in `Ecstasy' Death
26-April-2004, United States, The Mercury News

The 17-year-old boy who allegedly supplied the drug ``ecstasy'' to a Belmont girl who died in April after taking the drug will face an additional charge of involuntary manslaughter. San Mateo County prosecutors filed the amended petition Friday ...

Ecstasy approved for medical study
25-February-2004, United States, CNN

WASHINGTON -- A South Carolina psychiatrist said Wednesday he will immediately start recruiting patients after winning approval to conduct the first study testing MDMA - better known as ecstasy - as a therapeutic tool. Dr. Michael Mithoefer ...

Research on Ecstasy Is Clouded by Errors
02-December-2003, United States, New York Times

A primate study it published in 2002, with heavy publicity, warned that the amount of the drug Ecstasy that a typical user consumes in a single night might cause permanent brain damage. It turned out that the $1.3 million study, led by Dr. ...

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