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Edinburgh "Drug Czar" Says Time to Consider ... editorial comment
10-March-2006, United Kingdom, stopthedrugwar.org

The debate over heroin has turned lively in Scotland this week, thanks to Edinburgh "drug czar" Tom Wood, who has urged the Scottish Executive to consider prescribing heroin to addicts through the National Health Service (NHS). Wood, a former deputy ...

Ex-cops against War on Drugs editorial comment
10-March-2006, United States, Crime Scene KC

Would you like to be able to buy pot, coke, meth, heroin or LSD like you buy booze from a liquor store? A bunch of ex-cops in an organization called LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - say you should be able to. The War on Drugs is a ...

Bush budget faulted in drug-war setback editorial comment
07-March-2006, United States, The Washington Times

A Bush administration decision to divert money for Colombian drug interdiction and eradication programs to the war on terrorism has opened up the southern U.S. border to a new flood of heroin and cocaine, say senior congressional and Colombian ...

US War on Drugs: elusive victory, disputed ... editorial comment
07-March-2006, United States, Reuters

Despite three decades of upbeat reports on battles won in the war on drugs, cocaine, heroin and marijuana are as easily available as ever and experts say the United States has yet to develop a strategy that works. Just as in previous years, the ...

If anyone is winning the drugs war, it is not the ... editorial comment
06-March-2006, United Kingdom, scotsman

FIGURES just released which show a sharp decrease in the number of Edinburgh youngsters being treated for drug addiction could be taken as a sign that the battle against drugs is being won. Sadly most evidence points to the contrary. If anyone ...

Marc Emery and the Seedy War on Pot (and drugs in ... editorial comment
06-March-2006, United States, The Liberty Paper

At first glance, if you’ve read my bio, you might wonder what the heck a gal like me could have to say about the war on drugs. If you really don’t know me, you might read to the first line of the fifth paragraph of my bio and immediately discount ...

Student group drums up opposition to drug war editorial comment
05-March-2006, United States, Student group drums up opposition to drug war

Gary Davey smokes marijuana and credits the drug with relieving pain from injuries he received in a head-on collision that shattered most of his bones from the waist down and confined him to a wheelchair in 1989. Corley Koprowski, a University of ...

Danger zone switches from poppy field to the ... editorial comment
01-March-2006, United Kingdom, Times Online

CAN the “War on Drugs” ever be won? History is not encouraging — nor is the latest United Nations report on the state of hostilities. The lessons are particularly depressing for Afghanistan and for the role that Britain has shouldered there. The ...

Activists warn of dangers from caffeine addiction editorial comment
27-February-2006, United States, Spero News

Is the War on Drugs taking aim at that morning cup of java? As crazy as it might sound, some activists would hope so - and they have enlisted the help of various mayors to support their cause. But first, to be more precise, critics aren't ...

Ads in Montana Battle Methamphetamine editorial comment
26-February-2006, United States, The New York Times

The camera follows the teenager as she showers for her night out and looks down to discover the drain swirling with blood. She turns and sees her methamphetamine-addicted self cowering below, oozing from scabs she has picked all over her body ...

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