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An overdose of targets - except on drugs editorial comment
31-January-2006, Afghanistan, The Times

THE plan to rebuild Afghanistan, which will be revealed at today’s meeting in London, contains a formidable list of targets for the country. The timing is good, at least. The conference of 30 countries will pull together international attention ...

Oversupply of cocaine, U.S. shift to synthetic ... editorial comment
31-January-2006, Mexico, NewsFromRussia

wave of violence in Mexico is being fueled in part by an oversupply of cocaine and the growing popularity of synthetic drugs in the United States, leading gangs here to fight over markets to sell their wares, Mexico's attorney general said on ...

Police quiz Kate Moss over drugs editorial comment
31-January-2006, United Kingdom, scotsman

Supermodel Kate Moss was interviewed under caution by police over allegations of cocaine use. The 32-year-old attended a police office in central London for a short meeting with detectives from the Metropolitan Police. She left the building ...

In Czech society, marijuana is part of the ... editorial comment
28-January-2006, Czech Republic, chron.com

The man with the dancing eyebrows and the blurry tattoo stands in the chilled night and opens the barred gate to his apartment. A dog sleeps on the bed; a snapping turtle floats inside a glass coffee table. A hot light glows in the bathroom, where ...

Changing the Drug War Debate editorial comment
26-January-2006, Bolivia, AlterNet

When Evo Morales took the office of president of Bolivia on Sunday, it was notable not only as the end of a "Bolivian-style apartheid" but also for making Morales the world's No. 1 spokesman for the coca plant. Morales, himself a former coca ...

Kate Moss to Spill Fashion, (Alleged) Cocaine ... editorial comment
24-January-2006, United Kingdom, The Book Standard

According to reports, supermodel Kate Moss is close to signing a £1 million book deal (about $1.8 million) with Virgin Book Groups for her autobiography. Virgin head Sir Richard Branson has convinced Moss, who entered rehab after photos of her ...

Border drug war backfiring editorial comment
23-January-2006, United States, DailyBulletin.com

A report outlining hundreds of incursions into the United States by Mexican armed forces over the past 10 years supports what many officials have known for a long time: The corruption once thought endemic only to Mexico's police forces has spread to ...

Potent Mexican Meth Floods In as States Curb ... editorial comment
23-January-2006, United States, GoUpstate.com

In the seven months since Iowa passed a law restricting the sale of cold medicines used to make methamphetamine, seizures of homemade methamphetamine laboratories have dropped to just 20 a month from 120. People once terrified about the neighbor's ...

Meth dangers: Addictive drug a pollution threat editorial comment
20-January-2006, United States, The Ithaca Journal

It's cheap and easy to make, and law enforcement officials throughout the county say it's by far the biggest drug problem they're dealing with. It can also injure people -- adults and children -- who've never bought, used, heard of or even seen ...

Colombia suspends anti-drug fumigation editorial comment
17-January-2006, Colombia, United Press International

Despite U.S. efforts to eradicate cocaine production in Latin America, Colombia is suspending aerial fumigation along its border with Ecuador. The decision will concern the Bush administration, which has used Colombia as its primary state in its ...

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