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Drug war dropout calls effort a ‘failure’ editorial comment
03-April-2006, United States, Lawrence Journal World

For more than 14 years, Jack Cole fought the war on drugs as a New Jersey state narcotics agent. Now, he’s had enough. “It’s not only a dismal failure, but a terribly destructive policy,” he said. Cole said he quit the narcotics force in ...

Letang says war on drugs has failed editorial comment
03-April-2006, United States, delawareonline

A veteran Republican prosecutor who retired Friday says he believes the war on drugs has been a failure and the millions spent to intercept drugs would better be used to hire a counselor for every single child in the state. "I really think I've ...

The Unmarketing Of Drugs editorial comment
03-April-2006, United States, Forbes

Reducing drug use in America has been the longest running, most unsuccessful marketing program in history. In my last column, I talked about "repositioning the competition." Let's apply that strategy to the so-called "drug war" in an attempt to ...

Brunstrom wants drug gangs action editorial comment
14-March-2006, United Kingdom, BBC News

The chief constable of North Wales Police has said the UK's policy of criminalising drugs has "caused an explosion in organised crime". Richard Brunstrom told BBC Wales' Week In Week Out that making certain drugs illegal has meant control and ...

Rick Steves is just a NORML guy editorial comment
14-March-2006, United States, The Seattle Times

You imagine Rick Steves going to bed early, bags packed, itinerary ready, sensible shoes lined up by the door. You don't imagine him ensconced in some European parlor, taking pulls off a big, fat doobie. But it turns out Steves, our home-grown ...

ANOTHER VIEW: Drug war's futility, failure editorial comment
13-March-2006, United States, Daily Press

Border security seems to be in the news often these days. The focus usually is on the people coming into this country from Mexico and Central America. Little media attention is paid to drug-smuggling operations, so little attention is paid by the ...

Drug War Funnies editorial comment
13-March-2006, United States, Hammer of Truth

Joseph Frederick, an Alaska high school student, was suspended for unfurling a banner which read “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” across the street from his school. According to Reuters, the principal took Frederick’s banner and suspended him for 10 days for ...

Drug War or Race War? editorial comment
13-March-2006, United States, New Haven Independent

It's been 10 years since Sheldon Tucker saw the inside of a prison. Tucker (at right in photo, with criminal defense attorney Norm Pattis, at left) and others at a local forum on the drug war spoke about why so many young people of color have ...

Tougher drug laws only scratch the surface of the ... editorial comment
13-March-2006, Australia, Fairfax Digital

A police-led war on drugs might be easy politics but it is lazy and ineffective policy, writes Andrew Macintosh. A campaign is being waged by the federal and NSW governments to strengthen drug laws, particularly those concerning cannabis, in what ...

Clergy join war on drugs editorial comment
12-March-2006, United States, boston.com

The faith community has joined Saugus's fight against teenage drug and alcohol abuse and related crimes. The Saugus Clergy Association will hold a drug awareness forum at 7 tomorrow night at Belmonte Saugus Middle School on Dow Street to ...

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