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Labour MP banned for defiance on Commons drugs ... editorial comment
09-December-2005, United Kingdom, Scotsman.com

DENNIS Skinner, the veteran Labour MP, remained unrepentant last night after he was ejected from the Commons chamber for levelling a drugs slur at George Osborne, the shadow chancellor. Mr Skinner, who represents Bolsover, was disciplined after ...

UK trio held over Singapore drugs editorial comment
09-December-2005, Singapore, Scotsman.com

Singapore authorities said 13 foreigners had been arrested, including three British citizens, who they suspect of being part of a drug syndicate. The others arrested were seven Thai nationals and an American, The arrests come just days after ...

Drugs policy changes threaten “social” suppliers editorial comment
07-December-2005, United Kingdom, Young People Now

Young drug users could be accused of more serious offences under Government plans to standardise charges, a leading drugs charity has warned. At present cases are dealt with individually, but the Home Office has written to stakeholders asking for ...

War on Drugs Hits New Low editorial comment
07-December-2005, United States, San Francisco Independent Media Center

The federal war on medi-pot patients hit a new low last month when Royal Canadian Mounted Police nabbed 38-year-old Steven W. Tuck from his Vancouver, B.C., hospital bed, whisked him to the border, and relinquished him to the custody of U.S. ...

Singapore Hangs Australian Drug Smuggler Nguyen editorial comment
02-December-2005, Singapore, Bloomberg.com

Singapore executed Australian drug smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van today after rejecting requests from Australian Prime Minister John Howard to spare his life. The 25-year-old was hanged at Changi Prison this morning, Singapore's Ministry of Home ...

Wishing Drug-Warrior Thinking editorial comment
01-December-2005, United States, The National Review

you had received a dollar every time a U.S. government official announced that victory was near at hand in the war on drugs, you would be a rich person. The latest "turning point" proclamation came on November 16 when the White House Office of ...

Poisonings From a Popular Pain Reliever Are on ... editorial comment
29-November-2005, United States, The New York Times

Despite more than a decade's worth of research showing that taking too much of a popular pain reliever can ruin the liver, the number of severe, unintentional poisonings from the drug is on the rise, a new study reports. The drug, acetaminophen, is ...

Britons branded cocaine kings of Europe editorial comment
25-November-2005, United Kingdom, Scotsman.com

BRITONS are the biggest cocaine users in Europe and are increasingly likely to die from it, the European drugs agency reported yesterday. The class A substance is fast becoming the drug of choice for Britain's youth and its use is approaching ...

Singapore: Australians should accept drug ... editorial comment
25-November-2005, Singapore, NewsFromRussia.com

Australians should not expect to escape the death penalty if they are foolish enough to traffic drugs into Singapore, a newspaper warned in an editorial Friday, a week before the scheduled hanging of an Australian heroin smuggler in the city-state. ...

War on drugs hits new low editorial comment
25-November-2005, United States, The Austin Chronicle

The federal war on medi-pot patients hit a new low last month when Royal Canadian Mounted Police nabbed 38-year-old Steven W. Tuck from his Vancouver, B.C., hospital bed, whisked him to the border, and relinquished him to the custody of U.S. ...

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