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Musings About the Drug War editorial comment
26-February-2006, United States, The Wall Street Journal

BY GEORGE MELLOAN Sunday, February 26, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST Economist Milton Friedman predicted in Newsweek nearly 34 years ago that Richard Nixon's ambitious "global war against drugs" would be a failure. Much evidence today suggests that he ...

Lifestyle pills that promise to end the need for ... editorial comment
16-February-2006, United Kingdom, scotsman

A NEW class of drugs that promise to "cure" the need for sleep are being developed to help people cope with the 24/7 society. It is claimed that the range of lifestyle pills will abolish the need for sleep for days at a time by creating a form ...

Air marshals face smuggling charges editorial comment
13-February-2006, United States, CNN

Two federal air marshals are facing drug charges after allegedly agreeing to smuggle cocaine from a man who turned out to be a government witness, the U.S. attorney's office in Houston, Texas, announced Monday. Shawn Ray Nguyen, 38, and Burlie ...

War on drugs - is it really 'right'? editorial comment
12-February-2006, United States, newsday

What's so conservative about the war on drugs? Spending billions in taxpayer dollars with no clear progress? Inserting government agents into Americans' private lives? Holding a million men and women in prison for what are mostly nonviolent ...

Your Sweetie's Rose, Thanks to the War on Drugs editorial comment
12-February-2006, United States, ABC News

As you give your sweetie roses this Valentine's Day, did you know you're also buying into a program with roots in America's war on drugs? Americans will buy almost 200 million roses for Valentine's Day, and almost all of them will come from South ...

Your tax dollars on drugs editorial comment
12-February-2006, United States, San Francisco Chronicle

IF YOU want to understand how difficult it is to cut the federal deficit -- it will surpass $400 billion in the 2007 budget -- take a look at the Byrne grants. Named after New York City police officer Edward Byrne, who was killed by drug dealers, ...

Drug Database: Prescription for Trouble editorial comment
08-February-2006, United States, The Cato Institute

"The White House Wednesday will announce a national anti-drug strategy that includes prodding more states to set up databases that can track people who get multiple prescriptions of frequently abused prescription drugs such as OxyContin and ...

07-February-2006, United Kingdom, The Mirror

LABOUR was yesterday accused of losing the drugs war after new figures showed around 1,300 people a year were dying from overdoses. Statistics reveal just under 13,000 people were killed by "drug-related poisoning involving illegal substances" in ...

Critics say U.S. war on drugs in Colombia failing editorial comment
02-February-2006, Colombia, Chicago Tribune

Six years after the U.S. initiated an anti-narcotics program in Colombia, American policymakers and experts are at odds over whether the effort has significantly reduced the supply of cocaine reaching U.S. shores. Since 2000, the U.S. has poured ...

Narcs nab drug-smuggling puppies editorial comment
01-February-2006, United States, CNN

A two-year investigation into a Colombian heroin ring netted more than 65 pounds of drugs, resulted in the arrests of more than 20 people and saved the lives of some drug-smuggling Labrador retrievers, the Drug Enforcement Agency said Wednesday. ...

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