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Mexican military losing drug war support editorial comment
25-July-2008, Mexico, The Associated Press

This hardscrabble Mexican border town welcomed 400 soldiers when they arrived four months ago to stop a wave of drug violence that brought daytime gunbattles to its main street. But then the soldiers themselves turned violent, townspeople say, ...

Ecstasy club owner and DJ jailed editorial comment
21-July-2008, United Kingdom, BBC

A Plymouth nightclub owner who allowed the "rampant and blatant" sale of ecstasy at his club has been jailed. Iranian-born Manoucehr Bahmanzadeh, 52, earned up to £2m a year from the Dance Academy, one of the largest clubs in Plymouth, Devon, a ...

Drug Czar Says U.S. Creating Demand For Drugs editorial comment
07-June-2008, United States, Fox

On Thursday, the nation's drug czar, John Walters met with federal law enforcement leaders here in El Paso to discuss recent accomplishments and challenges. Walters said progress is done by reducing supply and demand together. Last year, a record ...

Mexico army marches into drug war -- again editorial comment
03-June-2008, United States, Los Angeles Times

NUEVO LAREDO, MEXICO -- Although the Mexican army has been able to quiet drug violence in some hot spots, political observers say the deployment of thousands of soldiers could undermine civilian institutions and jeopardize Mexico's evolving ...

Britain's drug wars editorial comment
22-May-2008, United Kingdom, The Spectator

It looks like a war of attrition is currently being waged within Whitehall over British drug policy. As has been widely reported, the government has decided to face down its own advisory body, the Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs, over the ...

A second summer of love editorial comment
20-April-2008, United Kingdom, The Guardian

Twenty years ago acid house and a new drug arrived in Britain's clubs to incite the biggest revolution in youth culture since the Sixties' summer of love. The key members of the scenes in London and Manchester talk DayGlo grins and dancing in ...

CNN's Richard Quest Arrested for Meth Possession editorial comment
20-April-2008, United States, Huliq.com

CNN International reporter Richard Quest, 45, was arrested in New York City early this morning for meth possession. Richard Quest was discovered in NYC's Central Park and arrested by police for possession of methamphetamine. The New York Times ...

From Mexico, Drug Violence Spills Into U.S. editorial comment
20-April-2008, United States, The Washington Post

Javier Emilio Pérez Ortega, a workaholic Mexican police chief, showed up at the sleepy, two-lane border crossing here last month and asked U.S. authorities for political asylum. Behind him, law and order was vanishing fast. In the four months he ...

When drugs put baseball in focus editorial comment
20-April-2008, United States, Los Angeles Times

You've seen the play a million times. Routine ground ball. First baseman picks up the ball, runs it to the bag for the out, "3U" in your scorebook. Adam LaRoche picked up the ball, but he did not run. "I was kind of out of it," he ...

Drug paraphernalia being put to use in the ... editorial comment
19-April-2008, United States, Ionia Sentinel Standard

Portland Public Schools' Westwood Elementary School received a boost in its ability to educate students Friday afternoon, thanks to a donation from the Central Michigan Enforcement Team. Six fifth graders helped Portland Public Schools officials, ...

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