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14-May-2005, United Kingdom, Mirror.co.uk

A MAN who took ecstasy with his wife was jailed yesterday after she died from an accidental overdose. Richard Grimmer was branded "foolish" by a judge as he sentenced him to nine months in prison. Grimmer, 29, and 23-year-old Rebecca, who had ...

Chinese mass media mobilized for "people's war" ... editorial comment
13-May-2005, China, People's Daily

Similar special columns will appear on 41 major local newspapers from 28 provinces to support the country's "people's war" on drugs as of June 1, sources with China 's Public Security Ministry said. It will be the first time that so many ...

Woman jailed over prescription drugs slams UAE editorial comment
12-May-2005, United Arab Emirates, Reuters

A British woman who spent two months in a Dubai jail after traces of prescription drugs were found in her body returned home on Thursday describing her treatment in the United Arab Emirates as "disgusting". Tracy Wilkinson, 44, was arrested by ...

Wait Goes on for Cleared Painkiller Case Briton editorial comment
09-May-2005, United Arab Emirates, Scotsman.com

A British woman cleared by a Dubai court of deliberately carrying banned drugs in her system was left facing a further agonising delay today in her 10-week battle to fly home. Sports osteopath Tracy Wilkinson was hoping prosecutors in the United ...

Singapore finally finds a voice in death row ... editorial comment
08-May-2005, Singapore, The Observer

John Aglionby in Singapore Sunday May 8, 2005 The Observer The Canton meeting room at Singapore's drab Furama Hotel is an unlikely venue for history to be made. But on Friday night this bland setting hosted an unprecedented event for the ...

Attacking Judges, Not Drugs editorial comment
05-May-2005, United States, L.A. Times

One of every 138 U.S. residents is now serving time. Get-tough policies enacted in the 1980s and 1990s like three-strikes laws in California and other states have swelled the jail and prison inmate population to a record 2.1 million, according a ...

Sex, lies, drugs and staties: Narc squad blasted ... editorial comment
05-May-2005, United States, Boston Herald

A state police sergeant allegedly was able to steal ``pounds and pounds'' of cocaine because the department's oversight of confiscated narcotics was ``sloppy and lax,'' a prosecutor said yesterday. The system was so flawed, prosecutor ...

No rest here in war on drugs editorial comment
04-May-2005, United States, Wiscnews.com

By Mark Boxley The use and sale of drugs in Portage is on the rise and the dog leading the pack is crack cocaine. "We've seen a large increase in the usage and sales," Detective Dan Pionke of the Portage Police Department said. The ...

Jury to hear sordid tale of cop's kinky sex, ... editorial comment
03-May-2005, United States, Boston Herald

By Tom Farmer Tuesday, May 3, 2005 - Updated: 07:44 AM EST A tale of kinky group sex and wife-swapping fueled by the voracious consumption of stolen drugs finally reached the bitter end when state police Sgt. Timothy White threatened to kill his ...

Tony Blair Tackles Drugs in Schools editorial comment
30-April-2005, United Kingdom, ArriveNet

Head teachers are allowed to randomly test pupils if suspected of taking drugs as part of a drive to curb drug abuse among teenagers. The Prime Minister"s comments given to the News of the World has had backing from the Conservative Party and ...

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