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Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us editorial comment
26-April-2005, United States, DEA

When 14-year-old Irma Perez of Belmont, California, took a single ecstasy pill one evening last April, she had no idea she would become one of the 26,000 people who die every year from drugs.1 Irma took ecstasy with two of her 14-year-old friends in ...

Students volunteer to stamp out drugs editorial comment
25-April-2005, China, Xinhuanet

BEIJING, April 25 -- Fudan University set up the city's first student social work team involved in preventing drug abuse yesterday. About 80 students have signed up to be part-time social workers with the Fudan Ziqiang Youth Volunteer Team, ...

Woman in Arab jail after taking prescription ... editorial comment
25-April-2005, United Arab Emirates, Telegraph

A campaign has been launched to free a British woman being held in a Middle East jail after prescription drugs were found in her system. Tracy Wilkinson, 44, has been in jail in the United Arab Emirates since March 5 when she was arrested at ...

U.S. Prison Population, World's Highest, Up Again editorial comment
24-April-2005, United States, Reuters

The U.S. penal system, the world's largest, maintained its steady growth in 2004, the Department of Justice reported on Sunday. The latest official half-yearly figures found the nation's prison and jail population at 2,131,180 in the middle of ...

2 sentenced to death for peddling ecstasy editorial comment
21-April-2005, Philippines, The Philippines Star

Two women were meted the death penalty yesterday by the Mandaluyong City regional trial court (RTC) for selling ecstasy to agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) three years ago. Judge Amelia Dy of the Mandaluyong RTC Branch 213 ...

Forfeiture a Financial Weapon in Drug War editorial comment
21-April-2005, United States, The Intelligencer

By SHELLEY HANSON WHEELING - Vehicles, property and cash used in drug deals can be seized from an alleged offender through due process of law, said Ohio County Prosecuting Attorney Scott Smith on Wednesday. During an April 5 city council ...

One-third fail plant's drug test editorial comment
20-April-2005, United States, SouthBendTribune

By ALICIA GALLEGOS Tribune Staff Writer GOSHEN -- It did not surprise Maryellen Baker Scelsi when she heard that almost a third of employees at a local RV company recently either quit or were fired from their jobs after testing positive for ...

Supreme Court to Hear Case of Dispute Over ... editorial comment
19-April-2005, United States, The New York Times

By LINDA GREENHOUSE Published: April 19, 2005 WASHINGTON, April 18 - The Supreme Court added an important new religion case to its docket on Monday, agreeing to decide whether the government can ban the importation of a hallucinogenic tea ...

And marijuana for all editorial comment
07-April-2005, Canada, Now

Moral panic over grow ops ignores fact that more of us puff than play hockey BY Alan Young I am becoming embarrassed by the endless pot debate in Canada. Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan recently stated that marijuana smokers are stupid (Was ...

Four months off Bhatia's jail term editorial comment
06-April-2005, Singapore, TODAYonline

Former Internet entrepreneur Dinesh Bhatia started his eight-month jail term yesterday after a High Court judge slashed four months off his original jail term. . Bhatia, the son of former Nominated MP Kanwaljit Soin and former High Court Judge ...

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