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French Chef Jailed in Singapore Drugs Case editorial comment
10-January-2005, Singapore, Scotsman.com

Award-winning French chef Francois Fabien Mermilliod was sentenced to the minimum term of one year in prison today in connection with a high-profile drug case in Singapore. Mermilliod, 29, was one six foreigners charged in the case, including the ...

The Ending of the Rockefeller Drug Penalties Is ... editorial comment
09-January-2005, United States, The New York Times

By LESLIE EATON Published: February 9, 2005 EDFORD HILLS, N.Y. - If any group of prison inmates has attracted public sympathy, it was the women whose first brush with the law left them locked up here for 15 years or more on drug ...

Number of deaths blamed on drugs falls editorial comment
07-January-2005, Germany, FAZ Weekly

The number of deaths caused by illegal drug use fell during 2004 to its lowest level since 1989, a survey conducted by the Associated Press showed this week. A total of 1,324 people died as a result of illegal drug use, the survey found. That ...

The War On Drugs: One of America Greatest ...
01-January-2005, United States, OpEdNews.com

It is relatively easy to make claims that the United States government is waging war on its own people. It was claimed during Prohibition, the Vietnam War, and now the War on Terror. However, it is in most all instances a significantly more ...

Changing tactics in war on drugs editorial comment
27-December-2004, United States, The Daily News

A proposal by a state House member should give us all cause to take a hard look at America's war on drugs. The state legislator, Rep. Alice Bordsen, D-Alamance, is suggesting that non-violent youthful offenders who have committed felonies be ...

Driver drugs testing a 'fiasco' editorial comment
23-December-2004, Australia, The Age

State Opposition Leader Robert Doyle has labelled the Government's roadside drug testing regime a "fiasco", and has pinned the blame for the program's apparent failure on police minister Andre Haermeyer. Pressure is mounting on the Victorian ...

Group aids students denied loans due to drugs editorial comment
19-December-2004, United States, boston.com

A coalition that wants change in the government's policy on drugs is raising money to give scholarships to students who have lost their federal financial aid for college because of drug convictions. The effort is supported by US Representative ...

Novi should reject plan to randomly test athletes editorial comment
18-December-2004, United States, Detroit Free Press

Novi Community Schools and parents in the district should reject a proposal to randomly test high school athletes. Mandatory drugs tests, even if sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court, are an unwarranted invasion of privacy and a poor civics ...

Hollywood police blame alcohol or drugs in death ... editorial comment
17-December-2004, United States, Sun Sentinel

Hollywood Police say a zap of 50,000 volts from a Taser stun gun didn't slow Kevin Downing on Wednesday night, much less kill him. They think drugs or alcohol made the 6-foot-3, 280-pound man delirious, sparking a commotion police were trying ...

Police defend roadside drugs test editorial comment
15-December-2004, Australia, The Age

Victoria Police have denied its officers identified to the media the world's first driver alleged to have returned a positive roadside drug test. John De Jong, 39, says he is considering suing the police force after media reports on Monday ...

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