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Drugs, not Taser, to blame in Lauderdale man's ... editorial comment
12-June-2005, United States, The Miami Herald

A man shocked with a Taser by deputies in West Park died from cardiac arrest induced by cocaine in his system, a spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff's Office said Sunday. Deputies used a Taser stun gun on Horace Owens, 48, after he broke into a ...

If you want to cut gun crime, first you have to ... editorial comment
12-June-2005, United Kingdom, Times Online

Stories of the latest war on gun crime appeared last week flanked by advertisements for a film called Mr & Mrs Smith. A glamorous couple were depicted with handguns as sexually explicit fashion items. Gun laws are like gun movies. They are erotic ...

Seeing Slavery in Liberalism editorial comment
09-June-2005, United States, The New York Times

Janice Rogers Brown, the African-American daughter of Alabama sharecroppers who was confirmed Wednesday to the federal appeals court here, often invokes slavery in describing what she sees as the perils of liberalism. Roll-Call Vote on Justice ...

Eyes on Congress for Medical Marijuana Relief editorial comment
08-June-2005, United States, Daily News Central

Diane Monson of Oroville, Calif., smokes marijuana to relieve the effects of degenerative spine disease. Her status as a plaintiff in a case that went all the way to the US Supreme Court put her on the marquee of a controversial cause. An ...

Reefer madness: Is sanity breaking out?
07-June-2005, United States, Salon.com

Despite the Supreme Court's ruling against medical marijuana and a scary proposed snitch law, America may finally be awakening from its decades-long stupor about recreational drugs. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Silja J.A. Talvi June 7, 2005 ...

Indonesian demonstrators demand the death ... editorial comment
05-June-2005, Indonesia, Sidney Morning Herald

About 40 people protested in Jakarta yesterday to demand the death sentence for Schapelle Corby. Carrying signs reading "Corby, drugs dealers, must die" and "Intervention, no! Australia is supplier of drugs", the crowd picketed the Australian ...

'War on drugs' not meant to be won editorial comment
04-June-2005, United States, Norwich Bulletin

With remarks to a civic group in Enfield recently, Superior Court Judge Howard Scheinblum engaged in what is seldom forgiven in Connecticut's public life: candor. The judge asserted what can neither be denied nor acknowledged -- that public ...

Two Locals Jailed For Consuming Drugs editorial comment
01-June-2005, Brunei, Brudirect.com

Two local men, who were produced before the Bandar Magistrate's Court yesterday to face drug charges, were sentenced to jail upon pleading guilty. Ahmad bin Hj Mahmud, 38, faced a charge of possessing Methylamphetamine, a second charge of ...

Man gets life sentence for selling designer drugs ... editorial comment
17-May-2005, United States, Newsday.com

An Arizona man was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday for selling designer drugs over the Internet that led to the overdose death of a New York teenager. David Linder, also known as Dr. Benway, was convicted in February of 27 counts, including ...

Officials: War on drugs simply not working editorial comment
15-May-2005, United States, The Herald Zeitung

Comal County’s district attorney and one of its district judges agreed this past week that the United States government’s “war on drugs” — and its judicial system — just aren’t working when it comes to stopping abuse of alcohol and illegal ...

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