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Open Letter From Advocates Urges U.N. Commission ... editorial comment
05-March-2005, Austria, Medical News Today

More than 300 scientists, policy analysts, human rights and HIV/AIDS advocacy groups and advocates from 56 countries on Tuesday signed an open... letter urging delegates attending next week's meeting of the U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs in ...

Coca, Drugs and Social Protest in Bolivia and ... editorial comment
03-March-2005, Peru, Reuters AlerNet

Coca cultivation is expanding in Bolivia and Peru, where weak states and a flawed U.S. drugs policy have produced social unrest and instability. Coca, Drugs and Social Protest in Bolivia and Peru,* the latest report from the International Crisis ...

State Senate OKs limits on cold medicine editorial comment
03-March-2005, United States, The Business Journal

The Minnesota Senate passed a bill Thursday limiting the sale of popular cold remedies that contain an ingredient found in the narcotic methamaphetamine. The legislation, sponsored by state Sen. Linda Berglin, DFL-Minneapolis, would only allow the ...

Washington state groups offer 'exit strategy' for ... editorial comment
03-March-2005, United States, seattlepi.com

A group of Washington doctors, religious leaders and lawyers offered an "exit strategy" for the war on drugs Thursday, a proposal that would aim to dry up the black market for heroin, marijuana and other substances by having the state regulate their ...

Drugs arrests hit record editorial comment
02-March-2005, United Kingdom, ThisisLondon

Dinner parties with cocaine and cannabis on the menu have sent drug arrests soaring to a new record, official figures showed yesterday. The growing social use of illegal substances was blamed for a quarter rise in the number of people caught ...

Pop singer, producer investigated for drugs editorial comment
25-February-2005, Korea, The Korea Herald

Police said yesterday they are investigating a famous pop singer and a producer on charges of drug use. The singer, identified only by the initial K, and the DJ-turned-producer, identified only as H, are charged, respectively, with using marijuana ...

Actor Sizemore Told to Beat Drugs or Die editorial comment
24-February-2005, United States, Reuters

Actor Tom Sizemore was told on Thursday to either beat his addiction to methamphetamine or die from it. A Los Angeles judge said the "Black Hawk Down" and "Saving Private Ryan" actor was "out of control and cannot stop. Meth has consumed any will ...

Howard wants anti-drug role models editorial comment
24-February-2005, United Kingdom, Guardian Unlimited

Michael Howard today called on celebrities to set a positive example for children by condemning drugs and backed the introduction of a minimum seven-year jail sentence for hard drug dealers on their third conviction. The Tory leader said many ...

US seeks Colombian help on drugs editorial comment
23-February-2005, United States, Financial Times

US counter-narcotics authorities are examining controversial policies used in Colombia, the world's top cocaine producer, to formulate efforts to combat the flow of drugs from Afghanistan, the world's leading supplier of heroin. John Walters, ...

War on drugs finds ally in K-9 ruling editorial comment
13-February-2005, United States, The Monitor

Local law enforcement is declaring the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that a trained dogís cold, wet nose does not infringe on manís inalienable right to privacy a crucial victory in the "War on Drugs." "The ruling basically at present ...

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