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Denied for drugs editorial comment
12-October-2005, United States, The Daily Vanguard

Over 41,000 potential students were denied federal financial aid during the 2003-04 academic year because they either reported a drug conviction or refused to answer a question about drug convictions on their federal financial aid application, ...

The Failed Drug War editorial comment
07-October-2005, United States, BellaOnline

The war on drugs is a war on people. The laws for controlled substances are completely uncontrolled street drugs that are often bulked up with non-drugs to add weight to increase price. Punishment for possession or sale of drugs has filled our ...

US judge puts sex ban on teenager who took drugs editorial comment
04-October-2005, United States, Guardian Unlimited

A judge in Texas has banned a teenage drug offender from having sex as part of her probation, as long as she is living with her parents and attending school. Christina Brazier, 17, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs, a crime which carries up to ...

Hostage Mom Exposes Drug War Double Standard editorial comment
30-September-2005, United States, AlterNet

Last March, Atlanta hostage Ashley Smith got a rousing cheer from public officials, law enforcement, and much of the media for cajoling accused rampage shooter Brian Nichols to give himself up. Smith deserved the praise. It took courage, compassion, ...

Vets Against the (Drug) War editorial comment
28-September-2005, United States, Forth Worth Weekly

Howard Woolridge is outside of Utica, N.Y., heading east on horseback on a beautiful late summer day. He’s wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “Cops Say Legalize Drugs. Ask Me Why.” For the last 3,000 miles, he’s been switching off between his two ...

War on Drugs Impedes New Beginning for Some ... editorial comment
27-September-2005, United States, Drug Policy Alliance

In the days and weeks following Hurricane Katrina (and the more recent Hurricane Rita), the media has reported on the abuse of human rights of mostly poor and black people. But what has been discussed far less is the government’s response to another ...

Former drugs chief slams Moss case editorial comment
24-September-2005, United Kingdom, DeHavilland

Britain's former drugs tsar has criticised the country's most senior policeman for investigating allegations that supermodel Kate Moss used cocaine. Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Ian Blair said that a decision about whether to charge Ms ...

Drug war mistargets students editorial comment
03-September-2005, United States, boston.com

AS COLLEGE students around the country return to campus this fall, thousands of their peers won't be joining them because of a federal law that strips financial aid from students with drug convictions. The policy is up for reconsideration this ...

New Orleans editorial comment
03-September-2005, United States, The New York Times

Quote: In the radio interview, Mayor Nagin blamed much of the widespread crime on crazed drug addicts cut off from their fixes.

Suit spurs debate on hair test for drugs editorial comment
31-August-2005, United States, The Miami Herald

The seven police officers swore they didn't use cocaine, yet their hair tested positive for the drug. They are now suing the Boston police department, claiming the mandatory drug test that got them fired is unreliable and racially biased. Their ...

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