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Butt banned after testing positive for ecstasy editorial comment
10-June-2005, United Kingdom, Scotsman.com

THE Scotland cricketer Asim Butt will learn if he has any international future next week, after he admitted taking ecstasy before a key game. The 37-year-old seam bowler was banned for a year by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) after ...

Eyes on Congress for Medical Marijuana Relief editorial comment
08-June-2005, United States, Daily News Central

Diane Monson of Oroville, Calif., smokes marijuana to relieve the effects of degenerative spine disease. Her status as a plaintiff in a case that went all the way to the US Supreme Court put her on the marquee of a controversial cause. An ...

Reefer madness: Is sanity breaking out?
07-June-2005, United States, Salon.com

Despite the Supreme Court's ruling against medical marijuana and a scary proposed snitch law, America may finally be awakening from its decades-long stupor about recreational drugs. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Silja J.A. Talvi June 7, 2005 ...

Court's ruling on marijuana reeks of 'reefer ... editorial comment
06-June-2005, United States, USA Today

Diane Monson has suffered for years from degenerative spine disease and painful muscle spasms. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court told Monson that she can be prosecuted for trying to relieve her own pain. Three years ago, federal agents barged into ...

KIDS USING CANNABIS UP BY 1,300 PER CENT editorial comment
06-June-2005, United Kingdom, Mirror.co.uk

Alarm over 'huge rise' By Bridget Carter THE number of young schoolchildren taking cannabis has rocketed by more than 1,300 per cent, claims a report. Some 26 per cent of boys and 27 per cent of girls aged 14 and 15 said they had taken the ...

'War on drugs' not meant to be won editorial comment
04-June-2005, United States, Norwich Bulletin

With remarks to a civic group in Enfield recently, Superior Court Judge Howard Scheinblum engaged in what is seldom forgiven in Connecticut's public life: candor. The judge asserted what can neither be denied nor acknowledged -- that public ...

A Letter to My Friend Who Supports the Drug War
03-June-2005, United States, lewrockwell.com

My friend, we’ve been discussing this war on drugs for quite a while, and whether or not it is doing anything to reduce drug use. We both agree that most drugs, particularly “hard” drugs, have a harmful and debilitating effect on most persons who ...

Two Locals Jailed For Consuming Drugs editorial comment
01-June-2005, Brunei, Brudirect.com

Two local men, who were produced before the Bandar Magistrate's Court yesterday to face drug charges, were sentenced to jail upon pleading guilty. Ahmad bin Hj Mahmud, 38, faced a charge of possessing Methylamphetamine, a second charge of ...

Signs of drug-war shift editorial comment
27-May-2005, United States, The Christian Science Monitor

Evidence is beginning to build that the approach to the war on drugs in the United States could be changing - by shifting attention away from small-time drug dealers and individual users toward major drug traffickers. The nation's drug czar, for ...

Working classes turned on to hard drugs by cheap ... editorial comment
27-May-2005, United Kingdom, Times Online

A HUGE increase in cocaine use was cited yesterday for the number of people on hard drugs in England and Wales rising to a record one million. More than half a million people are now using Class A drugs every month and the number of young people ...

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