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Protesters fear Canada caught in drug war editorial comment
04-August-2005, Canada, 24 Hours Vancouver

Canada is being forced to fight the U.S. war on drugs on its own soil, says the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. Vancouver police were directly involved in the U.S.-led investigation that saw pot activist Marc Emery arrested last week as part ...

U.S. says no break in drug war editorial comment
04-August-2005, Canada, 24 Hours Vancouver

The United States will continue to pursue its war on drugs across international boundaries, says a key U.S. player in the case of pot activist Marc Emery. Jeff Sullivan, chief of the criminal division with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the ...

Why feds should take over U.S. marijuana sales editorial comment
30-July-2005, United States, Chicago Sun Times

BY RONALD FRASER Illinoisans spend about $207 million each year to enforce state and local marijuana laws. What are these taxpayers getting for their money? Not much, according to a recent study. Jon B. Gettman, a senior fellow at George ...

Bush's War on Pot editorial comment
28-July-2005, United States, RollingStone.com

America's long-running war on drugs has, literally, gone to pot. More than two decades after it was launched in response to the spread of crack cocaine -- and in the midst of a brand-new wave of methamphetamine use sweeping the country -- the ...

New weapons for war on drugs editorial comment
25-July-2005, United States, The Seattle Times

Since it was founded four years ago, the Drug Policy Project at the King County Bar Association has targeted the decades-old war on drugs, pushing for treatment instead of punishment and proposing radically different policies for addicts and ...

Oregon prescription policy may set meth law ... editorial comment
21-July-2005, United States, USA Today

Oregonians who want over-the-counter cold medicine soon may need a doctor's permission to buy it. Trying to stem the abuse of methamphetamine, the Oregon Senate will likely vote next week on a bill that would make the state the nation's first to ...

Afghan drug-fighting efforts failing- lawmakers editorial comment
12-July-2005, Afghanistan, Reuters

U.S. lawmakers told the Bush administration on Tuesday the program to fight Afghanistan's poppy trade appeared on the brink of failure, which they said would undermine work to stabilize the country and spread more drugs throughout the ...

China tries a new tactic over drugs: Openess editorial comment
10-July-2005, China, China Daily

At a hilltop compound with picturesque views of a lake and red mountains on China's tropical southern edge, a group of young men in turbans and women in colorful dresses perform folk dances, clap their hands and sing. The performers from the ...

Methamphetamine: The real drug war editorial comment
10-July-2005, United States, seattlepi.com

Washington state began facing up to its problems with methamphetamine in the 1990s. Part of the other Washington is still in denial. An awakening by the Bush administration is overdue. The drug problem that was once largely confined to the ...

Against drugs: We are all in the same boat editorial comment
09-July-2005, Yemen, yoberserver

In 1988, the United Nations declared June 26th International Anti-Drugs Day, aimed specifically at addressing the problems of users, traffickers, and producers of narcotics between the ages of 15 and 50. According to the statistics supplied by ...

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