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Mexico steps up attacks on drugs, but problem may ... editorial comment
05-July-2005, Mexico, The Seattle Times

Mexico finally is fighting the war on drugs that the U.S. government has demanded for decades: a frontal assault on drug barons, their organizations and their merchandise, using the police and military in concert with U.S. intelligence. The ...

No10: WE'RE LOSING WAR ON DRUGS ; Dealers in ... editorial comment
04-July-2005, United Kingdom, RedNova News

THE Government was secretly warned two years ago that the police were losing the war on drugs, it emerged yesterday. According to leaked papers, Cabinet ministers were told dealers had won the battle for control of the streets with the police ...

Revealed: how drugs war failed editorial comment
04-July-2005, United Kingdom, Guardian Unlimited

The profit margins for major traffickers of heroin into Britain are so high they outstrip luxury goods companies such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, according to a study that Downing Street is refusing to publish under freedom of information ...

Illicit drugs valued at 0.9% of entire world GDP: ... editorial comment
29-June-2005, China, Xinhua

Global illicit drugs valued at theretail level in 2003 was estimated to reach 0.9 percent of the world gross domestic product (GDP), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said here Wednesday. The value of the global illicit ...

Police war on hard drugs falters editorial comment
19-June-2005, United Kingdom, Guardian Unlimited

The number of hard drug dealers arrested in London over the last four years has plummeted by nearly 20 per cent, despite assurances from senior police officers and government ministers that they would make the fight against heroin and cocaine a ...

The War On Drugs, Total Success editorial comment
19-June-2005, United States, useless knowledge mag

By Lenny Gibeault III June 19, 2005 I have been reading a lot on the recent (growing, but still on the fringe) commentary on the abject failure of the US Drug War. I disagree with this notion, thought not for the reasons some might think. I ...

Let's win the war on drugs editorial comment
16-June-2005, United States, Charlotte Observer

From John Emerson, assistant special agent in charge of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Charlotte District office: Observer community columnist Bill Reeside Jr. wrote ("Call off the war on drugs," May 26) that deadly narcotics such as ...

The staying power of drugs editorial comment
15-June-2005, United States, MercuryNews.com

Exasperated by pessimism about the ``war on drugs,'' John Walters, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, says: Washington is awash with lobbyists hired by businesses worried that government may, intentionally or ...

Time for a new strategy in the war on drugs editorial comment
15-June-2005, United States, The Seattle Times

"Is it Time to End the War on Drugs?" The King County Bar Association gave that title to a report in 2001, and now has put out a study that answers, yes. The study, "Effective Drug Control," argues that the use of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and ...

If you want to cut gun crime, first you have to ... editorial comment
12-June-2005, United Kingdom, Times Online

Stories of the latest war on gun crime appeared last week flanked by advertisements for a film called Mr & Mrs Smith. A glamorous couple were depicted with handguns as sexually explicit fashion items. Gun laws are like gun movies. They are erotic ...

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