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A war on drugs or a war on tradition?
12-December-2004, Taiwan, Taipei Times

Opium has always been associated, for better or worse, with China. And almost invariably it's been for the worse. The myth, in both the Christian West and the communist East, has been that this pernicious substance was brought to the Celestial ...

Afghan president says 'fight drugs like Russians' editorial comment
09-December-2004, Afghanistan, Reuters

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has urged his countrymen to tackle the war on drugs with the same zeal they fought the Red Army during the Soviet Union's decade-long occupation that ended in 1990. Speaking two days after being sworn in as the ...

Afghan anti-drugs drive 'will turn tide' of opium editorial comment
07-December-2004, Afghanistan, Financial Times

International efforts to combat Afghanistan's booming opium industry should begin to reduce output next year, a British minister with responsibility for counternarcotics said yesterday. Bill Rammell, Foreign Office minister, said a "robust" ...

Afghan opium farmers say crops spraying made them ... editorial comment
27-November-2004, Afghanistan, PakTribune

HAKIMABAD: Instead of the handful of people with skin diseases he usually deals with, Dr. Mohammed Rafi Safi says he has recently treated 30 Afghan farmers who allege their opium crops were sprayed with poison. The flood of patients in the past ...

Afghan Poppy Growing Reaches Record Level, U.N. ... editorial comment
19-November-2004, Afghanistan, The New York Times

Poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, the source of most of the opium and heroin on Europe's streets, was up sharply this year, reaching the highest levels in the country's history and in the world, the United Nations announced on Thursday. "In ...

Focus on Terror, Not Drugs
27-October-2004, Afghanistan, Cato Institute

The war on drugs is interfering with the US effort to destroy al-Qaeda and the Taleban in Afghanistan. American officials increasingly want to eradicate drugs, as well as nurture Afghanistan's embryonic democracy, symbolised by the pro-western ...

215 Chinese Restaurants Shut Down for Adding ...
18-June-2004, China, Associated Press

SHANGHAI - The soup wasn't just good. It was downright addictive. Narcotics police in southwestern China shuttered 215 restaurants found to be mixing opium poppy into their soups and hot pot stews, Xinhua News Agency reported Friday. Dishes ...

Police hunt the 'opium vampires'
07-June-2004, Spain, The Guardian

Police have uncovered a drug scam involving professional thieves who target fields in southern Spain where farmers have been cultivating opium poppies under licence for the government. The thieves, many of them Italians, make night-time raids to ...

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