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University of Vermont to Pay $15,000 to Students ... editorial comment
26-November-2004, United States, DRC Net

Two University of Vermont students arrested in April at an on-campus "420" rally because they advocated legalizing marijuana will be paid $7,500 each by the university for violating their First Amendment rights, the Chronicle of Higher Education ...

Canadians want pot smokers 'left alone' editorial comment
25-November-2004, Canada, Canada.com

Canadians are smoking pot more than ever before and the majority want police and government to leave people to indulge in peace. A new poll for the advocacy group NORML Canada shows for the first time that more than half of Canadians effectively ...

DRUG NATION editorial comment
24-November-2004, United Kingdom, Mirror.co.uk

ANY DISCUSSION of Britain's worsening drug problem is riddled with stereotypes. But behind the labels of user, addict and dealer are the human stories of those involved in the costly trade. Here, a range of people whose lives have been influenced ...

Recreational Drugs 'Should Be Given Out by ... editorial comment
21-November-2004, United Kingdom, Scotsman.com

Nearly two-thirds of people believe recreational drugs should be controlled by the Government and given out by doctors and pharmacists, a new poll reveals. The survey, carried out by ICM for the Daily Mirror, also found that 76% thought Prime ...

Poll finds 75% of Texans support medical ... editorial comment
18-November-2004, United States, Houston Chronicle

A strong majority of Texans favor legalizing the medical use of marijuana, according to a new poll. Seventy-five percent said people with cancer and other serious illnesses should be allowed to use marijuana for medical purposes as long as their ...

The Pot Thickens
16-November-2004, United States, Alternet

If President George W. Bush's squeaky reelection is supposed to be a mandate on conservative moral values, how do you explain that 17 out of 20 pro-marijuana initiatives on ballots nationwide were approved? For instance, look at Montana: ...

Woody Harrelson's Marijuana Mission
16-November-2004, United States, FilmStew.com

Inside San Francisco's Concourse Exhibition Hall, the Green Festival is raging in full swing. A swirling mass of people, dressed mostly in natural fibers and, in the case of the women, curiously bereft of makeup and highlights, explore booths ...

Cellucci blowing smoke on marijuana editorial comment
15-November-2004, Canada, Toronto Star

On most issues affecting the U.S. and Canada, Paul Cellucci is a model of common sense. Despite our differences over things like same-sex marriage and lumber, he says, what sets us apart is only that "Canada is a little more liberal than the United ...

Liberals unveil pot bill for second time editorial comment
01-November-2004, Canada, CBC News

OTTAWA - Paul Martin's Liberals reintroduced a controversial bill Monday that would decriminalize marijuana possession and replace criminal charges with fines for anyone caught with up to 15 grams of the drug. The new possession bill comes with ...

Battling the war on drugs editorial comment
04-October-2004, United States, ESR

Colorado Sheriff Bill Masters is on a crusade. Of course, he does his job working to protect the citizens of his county and arresting the bad guys there. But his greatest passion is reserved for righting what he sees as a truly great wrong, and that ...

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