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And marijuana for all editorial comment
07-April-2005, Canada, Now

Moral panic over grow ops ignores fact that more of us puff than play hockey BY Alan Young I am becoming embarrassed by the endless pot debate in Canada. Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan recently stated that marijuana smokers are stupid (Was ...

Medicinal Marijuana on Trial editorial comment
29-March-2005, United States, The New York Times

Medical marijuana is now legal in 11 states, and bills to legalize it are pending in at least 7 more. The drug is also at the heart of a case being considered by the United States Supreme Court. Yet there remains much confusion over whether ...

Washington state groups offer 'exit strategy' for ... editorial comment
03-March-2005, United States, seattlepi.com

A group of Washington doctors, religious leaders and lawyers offered an "exit strategy" for the war on drugs Thursday, a proposal that would aim to dry up the black market for heroin, marijuana and other substances by having the state regulate their ...

A New Kind of Drug War editorial comment
28-February-2005, United States, Business Week

The conventional one has been highly costly, with little return. Making narcotics legal -- and very expensive -- can reduce addiction and crime Starting with Richard Nixon, every U.S. President has declared war on drugs. The FBI, CIA, DEA, ...

The great pot debate
27-January-2005, United States, The Stanford Daily

The line dividing recreational drugs and legitimate medical drug is growing increasingly blurry. Legal drugs can be abused, and illicit drugs can often be successfully used to treat medical conditions. Heroin, for example, was once sold by the ...

Cost of drugs, Price of fame
13-January-2005, United Kingdom, Scotsman.com

WERE all on drugs. Hes on booze, shes on fags, youre on Aspirin. Im high on life (joke!). But some drugs are legal and some illegal. Dont ask me why. Im a journalist not an expert. If ... Drugs Were Legal took us forward to 2009 when all ...

Legalizing street drugs an experiment worth ...
03-January-2005, United States, The Seattle Times

Can a single city do anything to change drug policies that are delivering terror to our inner-city streets, diverting police, clogging our courts, breaking up families, and making a once-proud America quite literally the incarceration capital of the ...

Black Legislators: Drug War Has Failed editorial comment
02-January-2005, United States, Pacific news Service

Eyeing the failure of California voters to repeal Three Strikes laws, the National Black Caucus of State Legislators has approved a resolution condemning the "war on drugs" and calling for "alternatives to failed polices." Among their ...

Legalize drugs for safer streets editorial comment
17-December-2004, United States, seattlepi.com

The recent reduction of the harsh mandatory sentencing once common to New York drug laws makes an interesting combination when thought of with the concept of legalized, taxable gambling. I say that because the real solution to the drug problem this ...

Marijuana Ban Stirs Debate editorial comment
10-December-2004, Korea, The Korea Times

Describing marijuana as a narcotic or not is emerging as a hot issue in South Korea, with a number of celebrities and experts claiming the law banning smoking marijuana is unconstitutional. The Drug-Related Criminology Institute on Friday held a ...

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