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Disagreement over Mexico's war on drugs editorial comment
30-July-2005, Mexico, L.A. Daily News

Mexico finally is fighting the war on drugs that the U.S. government has demanded for decades: a frontal assault on drug barons, their organizations and their merchandise, using the police and military in concert with U.S. intelligence. The ...

Bush's War on Pot editorial comment
28-July-2005, United States, RollingStone.com

America's long-running war on drugs has, literally, gone to pot. More than two decades after it was launched in response to the spread of crack cocaine -- and in the midst of a brand-new wave of methamphetamine use sweeping the country -- the ...

Time for a new strategy in the war on drugs editorial comment
15-June-2005, United States, The Seattle Times

"Is it Time to End the War on Drugs?" The King County Bar Association gave that title to a report in 2001, and now has put out a study that answers, yes. The study, "Effective Drug Control," argues that the use of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and ...

A Letter to My Friend Who Supports the Drug War
03-June-2005, United States, lewrockwell.com

My friend, we’ve been discussing this war on drugs for quite a while, and whether or not it is doing anything to reduce drug use. We both agree that most drugs, particularly “hard” drugs, have a harmful and debilitating effect on most persons who ...

The Drug War: Back with a Vengeance editorial comment
25-May-2005, United States, City Pages

by Beth Hawkins May 25, 2005 If you think the congressional Republicans' war on the judiciary can't get any more shrill or irrational, you obviously haven't read up on House Resolution 1528, Defending America's Most Vulnerable: Safe Access to ...

U.S. Prison Population, World's Highest, Up Again editorial comment
24-April-2005, United States, Reuters

The U.S. penal system, the world's largest, maintained its steady growth in 2004, the Department of Justice reported on Sunday. The latest official half-yearly figures found the nation's prison and jail population at 2,131,180 in the middle of ...

The Ending of the Rockefeller Drug Penalties Is ... editorial comment
09-January-2005, United States, The New York Times

By LESLIE EATON Published: February 9, 2005 EDFORD HILLS, N.Y. - If any group of prison inmates has attracted public sympathy, it was the women whose first brush with the law left them locked up here for 15 years or more on drug ...

Black Legislators: Drug War Has Failed editorial comment
02-January-2005, United States, Pacific news Service

Eyeing the failure of California voters to repeal Three Strikes laws, the National Black Caucus of State Legislators has approved a resolution condemning the "war on drugs" and calling for "alternatives to failed polices." Among their ...

The ‘Drug War’ toll mounts editorial comment
13-December-2004, United States, The Eureka Reporter

In Washington, D.C., a 27-year-old quadriplegic is sentenced to 10 days in jail for marijuana possession, where he died under suspicious circumstances. In Florida, a wheelchair-bound multiple sclerosis patient now serves a 25-year prison sentence ...

DRUG NATION editorial comment
24-November-2004, United Kingdom, Mirror.co.uk

ANY DISCUSSION of Britain's worsening drug problem is riddled with stereotypes. But behind the labels of user, addict and dealer are the human stories of those involved in the costly trade. Here, a range of people whose lives have been influenced ...

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