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Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us editorial comment
26-April-2005, United States, DEA

When 14-year-old Irma Perez of Belmont, California, took a single ecstasy pill one evening last April, she had no idea she would become one of the 26,000 people who die every year from drugs.1 Irma took ecstasy with two of her 14-year-old friends in ...

Open Letter From Advocates Urges U.N. Commission ... editorial comment
05-March-2005, Austria, Medical News Today

More than 300 scientists, policy analysts, human rights and HIV/AIDS advocacy groups and advocates from 56 countries on Tuesday signed an open... letter urging delegates attending next week's meeting of the U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs in ...

Washington state groups offer 'exit strategy' for ... editorial comment
03-March-2005, United States, seattlepi.com

A group of Washington doctors, religious leaders and lawyers offered an "exit strategy" for the war on drugs Thursday, a proposal that would aim to dry up the black market for heroin, marijuana and other substances by having the state regulate their ...

Drugs in Canada editorial comment
10-February-2005, Canada, The Economist

LITTLE by little, Canada is groping towards a distinctive approach to drugs, one that focuses on harm reduction rather than the repression favoured by the United States. The federal government is mulling over a bill to decriminalise possession of ...

Vancouver clinic offers free heroin in North ... editorial comment
10-February-2005, Canada, CBC News

VANCOUVER - A clinic in Vancouver began recruiting heroin addicts to give them free drugs, as part of a national study that's the first of its kind in North America. The North American Opiate Medication Initiative plans to enroll 470 ...

Canada has a radical plan for social costs of ... editorial comment
07-February-2005, Canada, seattlepi.com

By MIKE LEWIS SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Gina R. is small and sick, 100 pounds of furtive need. Sitting in a coffee shop in East Downtown, her collar covers the abscess in her neck where a handful of times this day -- ...

Number of deaths blamed on drugs falls editorial comment
07-January-2005, Germany, FAZ Weekly

The number of deaths caused by illegal drug use fell during 2004 to its lowest level since 1989, a survey conducted by the Associated Press showed this week. A total of 1,324 people died as a result of illegal drug use, the survey found. That ...

Party drugs moving from clubs to the home editorial comment
13-November-2004, Australia, Sydney Morning Herald

Ecstasy, amphetamines and other party drugs are increasingly being taken at home or at private parties, and researchers are warning the change in venue may place users at even greater risk of harm. The annual Party Drugs Initiative surveyed more ...

Victoria opposes ecstasy testing editorial comment
06-November-2004, Australia, The Age

A controversial plan to test the ingredients of ecstasy pills at a Victorian dance party this month has been branded dangerous by the state opposition and Australian Medical Association (AMA). The Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) has approached ...

Outrage at college drugs booklet
27-September-2004, United Kingdom, Birmingham Post

A Birmingham university is producing a booklet telling students how to safely take illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy. The Aston University publication will explain what drugs can be taken together without causing dangerous ...

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