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Crackdown on dinner party drugs editorial comment
02-February-2005, United Kingdom, Guardian Unlimited

The new head of Scotland Yard took a swipe at London's white collar and celebrity drug culture yesterday by threatening to arrest weekend consumers of cocaine at dinner parties and in clubs and bars. Sir Ian Blair, who took over as the UK's most ...

War on drugs may doom jungle towns editorial comment
28-November-2004, Colombia, Houston Chronicle

Back when this jungle outpost was a drug-fueled boomtown ruled by Marxist rebels, cargo planes landed by the hour to unload rice, rum and chemicals to make cocaine. Cantinas and bordellos overflowed with customers. Instead of Colombian pesos, ...

Afghanistan's Drugs editorial comment
27-November-2004, Afghanistan, washingtonpost.com

PRESIDENT BUSH visited Colombia on Monday to celebrate that nation's progress in the war on drugs. With the help of U.S. money and military equipment, the Colombians have attacked traffickers, extradited dozens of their leaders and fumigated ...

Quietly, the war on drugs gains ground editorial comment
22-November-2004, Colombia, The Christian Science Monitor

BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA – Before Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or the war on terror, the US was waging another global battle: the war on drugs. The main front in that conflict was South America - and Colombia specifically, the origin of most of the ...

US pledges more aid to Colombia editorial comment
22-November-2004, Colombia, BBC News

US President George W Bush has pledged continued support for the Colombian government in its fight against drug traffickers and left-wing rebels. He said he would ask the US Congress to extend beyond next year its current package of military and ...

Unabashed Media Support for U.S. Drug War editorial comment
27-September-2004, Colombia, Colombia Journal Online

A September 27 article by Juan Pablo Toro of the Associated Press titled "Colombia Police Aim to Disrupt Drug Trade" is yet another example of U.S. mainstream media functioning as a mouthpiece for U.S. foreign policy. Given most U.S. media outlets' ...

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