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I was smart like Einstein!

Albert Einstein allegedly defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Not many people would expect the current crop of drug warriors to match the intellectual prowess of Mr. Einstein. Still, it is somewhat sad ... full text >>

Casual Criminals

We are all familiar by now with the stereotypical image of the drug addict, that wretched creature forever enslaved to some chemical or another, and forced to deal, steal or kill to feed the unshakable monkey off his back. However, the ... full text >>


The International Centre for Prison Studies, part of King’s College in London, indicates that the USA is the country with the most inmates in the world in absolute terms, with more than 2 million people behind bars, compared with 1.5 million ... full text >>

The Cream and the Clear

The love/hate relationship between America’s sporting heroes and their fans took a not-unexpected twist over the last few weeks. In the biggest non-event of the last 5 years, it has now been revealed that some of America’s best known athletes have ... full text >>

Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year to all, party safely, and have a prayer for non-violent drug users jailed worldwide. ... full text >>

God Bless the Child!

The protection of children is one of the most effective arguments used by authorities in order to justify the prohibition of drugs. While paraphernalia is all for preventing drugs from reaching children, it is becoming increasingly clear that legislators worldwide have, ... full text >>

Antisocial Behaviour (Dis)Order

While paraphernalia has been commenting heavily on the absurdities of the war on drugs in the USA, it seems that Tony Blair is working harder to transform the once proud United Kingdom into a colony of the USA, a sad fate ... full text >>

Mandatory Lunacy

As reported in our news section, 25 year old drug dealer Welton Angelos was sentenced to 55 years in prison for selling small bags of pot to an undercover agent while carrying a weapon. Angelos had no prior criminal record and ... full text >>

Osama Bin Loaded

As we all know by now, drug users are aiding and abetting terrorists in their efforts to topple the USA, destroy Israel, rape our women and eat all the little children. This, at least, is the view of the world promoted ... full text >>

Bush Again?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? ... full text >>

Dope Dog

As we have been told for many decades now, the DEA is winning the war on drugs. After all, it made 27, 635 arrests in 2002, while seizing, amongst other evil substances, 61 000 KGs of cocaine, 195,000 KGs of ... full text >>

Pharmafia: FDA or DEA?

While paraphernalia is generally nicer to the pharmaceuticals industry than it is to organized crime (see link for economics rationale) paraphernalia cannot fail to notice the confusion generated by media hype, political hysteria and conflicting government policies when comparing the pushing ... full text >>

Addiction Addict:
Jocks on Starbucks?

We all know that addiction is a terrible condition, and one of the fundamental rationale behind the prohibition of a number of substances. We also all have heard about the devastating effects that addiction and its ensuing withdrawal effects can have, ... full text >>

Dos Jorge

Paraphernalia has followed with excitement the ongoing heavyweight championship fight of the two Georges, regarding drug legalization . On the "left" side is billionaire George Soros, facing, in the "right" trunk, George W. Bush. (see p news)
As usual, the latter does ... full text >>

The Demon Thing

Using drugs is, of course, fraught with legal problems. Not surprisingly, people being apprehended for drugs-related offenses will try all means in the book to both explain their abominable behavior, while also trying to limit the punishment they receive. In doing ... full text >>

Of Viagra, Bob Dole, fags, Sports Illustrated and drug scheduling

As per news item, the Deputy Health Officer of STD Prevention and Control Services of San Francisco (that's a mouthful!) is petitioning the FDA to re-schedule Viagra as a Schedule III substance. This petition is based on the shocking discovery that ... full text >>

most gorgeous mugshot ever

The lovely lady pictured above is Kimora Lee, the wife of Russell Simmons. She was recently arrested for drug possession. Mr Simmons is one of hip-hop most famous artists. As founder of Def Jam Records, he managed to transform hip-hop from ... full text >>

The clock is ticking ....

We know we are slow, but the products are coming soon, and they are nice. As per our production department, we should be able to start shipping something in August.

In the meantime, news are updated regularly (see our news section). We ... full text >>

Welcome all to the soft launch of paraphernalia.

Please browse around and give us your comments as we try to improve our content, products lines and news section.

We know our site looks a bit confused, but please bear with us. In any case, when it comes to ... full text >>

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