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Meth Rage

Is it only paraphernalia, or meth is all the rage nowadays?

As we have all been told ad nauseum, the abuse of methamphetamine can lead to psychosis, a condition likely to create hallucinations, delusions, paranoia and obsession.

Given the flurry of news and rushed legislations recently passed to deal with the meth pandemic, it seems only fair to wonder if our leaders are, indeed, spunned. The later is a term apparently used to describe people suffering from meth psychosis; somehow it sounds like spinning, something most politicians are familiar with. Coincidence? paraphernalia reports; Fox decides!

The demonization of meth has been in full overdrive for quite some time now. Not only is it addictive, a cause of bad parenting, a source of criminality, but it also gives you bad teeth and makes you HIV-positive. 58% of the US’ county law level enforcement officials call it their biggest problem
(What? More than terrorism? Bring the troops back!)

Things are so bad that there is even a meth movie being released, called Iowa, ''an account of the methamphetamine addiction ravaging the sons and daughters of the heartland, who should be out working in the local Wal-Mart or milking cows on the family farm but instead have turned into hallucinating tweakers and depraved crank monsters.''

Working at Wal Mart or making crank? That’s a tough one, especially when you can combine both. After all, you can buy all you need to cook meth at your local Wal Mart.

Paranoid and obsessed legislators have been quick to jump on the methwagon, passing a numbers of laws transforming common cold remedy Sudafedinto a lethal precursor chemical. The usual drug warrior solution, stiffer punishment, is even endorsed by Canada.

Of course, a few traitors are less convinced. As reported in an article in The New York Times , amphetamine pills were easily available, sold over the counter until the 1950's, then routinely prescribed by doctors to patients who wanted to lose weight or stay awake. Amphetamines are still routinely prescribed to airforce pilots. However, children 6 and above suffering from ADHD do need something stronger called meth. Why, there are even some that have expressed skepticism about the meth mouth syndrome as well as to the real extent of the meth crisis.

Paraphernalia can only guess that our drug warriors need an annual crisis to keep the funds coming, this time to protect parents from their meth-crazed ADHD children (hey, that’s a new one!)

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