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paraphernalia newsletter #1 AUG 2004

strange fruit
strange fruit

Paraphernalia™, our not-so-cheeky brand dedicated to raising awareness on drug policy reforms, has finally launched some products.

The first line of paraphernalia - now available for sale on our website - is a range of t-shirts designed around various views & thoughts on the world's "most wanted" habit. Nothing is just black or white in life. If the story of drug is all black, we're definitely trying to brighten it up.

Please don't hesitate to send us questions on the products if you need any further details. We are a young company, so we still have time to take care of our customers on an individual basis. Hopefully, we can later become the Pablo Escobar of fashion and design, and delegate the real work to mules and street dealers...

Please also take some time to look at the news and explore the links. While our products are nice, there is some serious materials carefully hidden throughout the site.


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