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terms and conditions
These terms and conditions apply to all purchases from paraphernalia™. Please read them carefully. We may occasionally amend these terms and conditions and changes will be posted on our site.

Prices are expressed in US dollars and euros. However, we accept payments in US dollars only; prices expressed in euros are given for information purposes only. Delivery costs are included in the prices; sales taxes and custom charges, where applicable, are not. All prices are subject to change.

We accept payments via PayPal only. Before making payment via PayPal, you must check the box indicating your agreement to our terms and conditions. The data recorded by paraphernalia™ constitutes a proof of agreement between paraphernalia™ and the customer. Data recorded by PayPal's payment system constitutes a proof of financial agreement. Read more about payments in payment method.

All products showcased on the site are usually available. However, any given product may become unavailable due to multiple orders received simultaneously for the same product. If an ordered product becomes unavailable, we will notify you via email. In that event, you may cancel your order or order another product. Upon cancellation, paraphernalia™ will refund you immediately via PayPal. Products sold on the site under the present terms and conditions are subject to availability.

delivery costs
Delivery costs are included in the prices of all products. All orders are shipped via Hongkong Post's registered airmail service unless otherwise stipulated, or unless a request is made for overnight delivery, which is subject to surcharges. Read more on surcharges in shipping and delivery.

delivery time
For all standard airmail deliveries, the average delivery time is 1-2 weeks depending on the destination. However, paraphernalia™ is not liable to its customers for delays due to Hongkong Post service disruptions.

delivery destination
The destinations paraphernalia™ can accept purchases from are subject to the conditions laid down by PayPal and our shipping service providers (i.e. Hongkong Post or any alternative courier company used). paraphernalia™ cannot accept an order from a country for which PayPal or a shipping company does not provide services, unless arrangements are made separately with us.

damage or loss of goods in transit
Do not accept any packages showing visible signs of damage. paraphernalia™ strongly advises that you open the package and verify the merchandise before signing the receipt. If any damage or loss of good occurs during transit, the shipping company is liable for damages. However, it is the customer's responsibility, and in his/her best interest, to inform paraphernalia™, and most importantly, the relevant shipping company (or your local post office in the case of registered standard airmail delivery by Hongkong Post) directly and immediately of any eventual damage or loss of good during transport. We recommend you do this within 2 business days of the receipt of good.

returns & exchanges
Returns and exchanges must be received within 15 days from shipment in their original condition. paraphernalia™ reserves the right to reject returned item(s) if the above conditions are not met or if the relevant documents (that is the printed copy of the transaction approval email from PayPal, and the shipment confirmation email from paraphernalia™) do not accompany the returned items. Read more about returns & exchanges in return policy.

intellectual property
It is strictly prohibited except as expressly authorized by paraphernalia™, to copy, modify, and alter for free or for a fee paraphernalia™ content in whole or in part, including but not limited to writings, photographs, video animations, games, graphics, and the paraphernalia™ logo. All texts, comments, works, books, images appearing on are protected by international copyright laws and laws on intellectual property. Violation of the law on intellectual property rights subjects the violator and all other responsible persons, to civil or criminal prosecution as defined by law.

privacy policy
Please click here to read our privacy policy.

legal disclaimer
please click here to read our legal disclaimer.

contact us for any queries
Should you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions or any other aspects of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions.

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